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In 2017, iNaturalist, an app used to share information about species you see, surpassed five million observations and introduced new image recognition software that helps identify species. Technology can certainly distract us from nature, but it can also be a catalyst for discovery and collaboration. Through iNaturalist, your findings can be part of our global record on biodiversity and help inform conservation decision making..

But I don understand where you all get the idea that 8 4 or 9 3 is great. The game of college football is about National Championships nowadays, not conference titles. Michigan was left behind in the evolution of college football because they didn hire outside of the program for 40+ years.

Then made two free throws with 6.3 seconds to go to seal a closer than expected win that was similar to the Jayhawks 80 76 win over Clemson a game Kansas led by 20 at one point.Battle had 19 points to lead the Orange. Allen had 15 for Duke, but he was just 3 of 14 on 3s.Luke Meredith reporting from Omaha, Nebraska.A poor shooting night by Grayson Allen hasn kept Duke from controlling Syracuse and its fearsome 2 3 zone defense.Allen is just 3 of 11 from 3 point range and the Blue Devils are just 5 of 20 overall from deep.But Duke has forced the Orange into 14 turnovers and held a 50 45 lead midway through the second half, despite allowing a pair of quick baskets that so infuriated Coach Mike Krzyzewski that he ripped his jacket off in frustration drawing oohs and aahs from a crowd full of blue clad Blue Devils fans.Luke Meredith reporting from Omaha, Nebraska.Duke is making a run.The second seeded Blue Devils have built a seven point lead on 11th seeded Syracuse with about 11 minutes to go in a Midwest Region semifinal.The pace has picked up a bit in a game between two Atlantic Coast Conference tournament teams that play zone defense. Duke is 5 of 19 from the 3 point arc but has a decided advantage at the foul line, outscoring Syracuse 13 4..

Body fat does not need calories to maintain itself. It is stored calories that a person has already ingested and is burned as energy as a result of exercise. We need a certain amount of fat to be healthy. It’s the brand’s second stint with Mr. Matthews, who starred in a digital campaign linking Sasquatch to football that generated buzz and helped inspire Jack Link’s to look into a broader relationship with the sport. For Mr.

“The restaurants we have are sufficient. I stand for Jesus and that how it going to be.”Mayor Tinnell, who cast the tie breaking vote, has said he doesn think lifting the ban on alcohol sales at restaurants will help attract new restaurants. “And I telling you tonight, I doing what right and I vote no on this issue.”So Tharpe place will continue to lose business from beer drinking customers on Sundays during sporting events like NASCAR and NFL, and he believes Shepherdsville will remain at a competitive disadvantage.”We weren doing it just to try to get bigger restaurants in here, we were doing it to try to make our people stay in the community,” said Tharpe.One of Tharpe customers said he just have to buy his beer on Saturday to drink on Sunday.

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Midway through the first round, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that the Browns were trying to trade for the Redskins’ starting quarterback, proclaiming on Twitter “this is real.” But almost immediately, I received two texts telling me they didn’t think this was the case. A Redskins source also told ESPN it wasn’t true. After the draft, head of football operations Sashi Brown said “bad reporting is what I would say.” It’s my understanding that the Browns did not pursue Cousins..

The rangy Californian is tops in UI career passing efficiency (133.8) and single season aerial yardage (3,671). He was smooth and often spectacular. But to show how quickly games can turn, Eason had Michigan in early trouble in 1981, narrowly missing a TD pass that would have made it 28 7, and then saw his 386 yard aerial show trampled in a Wolverine romp, 70 21.

We became aware of the possible involvement of our DRPS members, we conducted a vigorous investigation, he said. One is above the law and every one of our employees is accountable for their actions. Want to assure the community that this is not a reflection of our women and men who work so hard every day to uphold the law and keep our communities safe, Martin said, adding the service is to accountability and integrity..

(WVUE) Just before the NBA’s trade deadline hit, the Pelicans completed a trade with the Orlando Magic, sending Dante’ Cunningham to the Magic for Rashad Vaughn. GM Dell Demps’ final move before the horn sounded won’t move the needle on the Pelicans playoff chances.But, trading for Vaughn does give the team some depth in the backcourt and some much needed length at the guard position. In exchange for Vaughn, the Pels had to give up Cunningham, who’s one of the teams better perimeter defenders.Cunningham was with the Pelicans the past four seasons and, as good as he was on defense, he left a lot to be desired on offense, averaging just 5 points per game this seasonVaughn, who was traded from Milwaukee to Brooklyn on Monday, played just one game with the Nets before getting traded to New Orleans today.

5. Officials now plan to burn down the rest of a Beaver Dam apartment building where an explosion killed a man one week ago. Beaver Dam’s Mayor says the controlled burn is scheduled for Wednesday. The songs are not without their faults, but the hiccups are refreshingly far between each other and do little to deter from the overall quality of the album. ‘Drunk in Love’ does little to convince otherwise that Jay Z has long past it as a rapper and that he should probably keep to his business ventures instead of making another stale rhyme about how good sex with his wife is. We get what she’s saying when she sings, “All the people on the planet working 9 to 5 just to stay alive, how come?” on ‘Haunted’, but as promising as her ‘follow your dreams’ rally is, it can come off as being a bit patronising.

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“Now, people are paying more attention to what athletes are saying. For me, that’s helpful. I’ve always kind of been myself. Paul was the cherished ‘Poppy’ of Taylor and Kyle Daniels, Jake, Josh and Kaylee Szwarcberg and Braylon and Paige Biette. He is also survived by his sister June A. (Marc) Misericordia and his brother Tommy (Mar) Biette.

April 25 Michael Heisley: The American billionaire (HEICO Industries) made the majority of his fortune in the aerospace and defense, but dabbled in sports as well. In 2001 he moved the former Vancouver Grizzlies to Memphis (where there had not been a grizzly bear in centuries, if ever). He sold his interest in the team in 2012.

Yes, the high school players signed their letters of intent with the university. But they signed them with the expectation they would be playing for Rodriguez and his staff. That expectation has changed. Sports betting odds have always been the focus of attention for sports bettors. They need this information to know how to profit from their wagers. However, bettors should understand that in gambling, you cannot win all the time.

Not always interested in blocking and falls asleep at the wheel. Delivers pop as a blocker, but lacks the grip strength to sustain the point of attack. Catch blocker in pass pro. Tomlinson may be the best runner in the decade, but in his six great seasons (2002 2007) he was only 2 2 in the playoffs. Henderson’s rehabilitation work, Childress did a rendition of the old “Bat Masterson” theme song, from the late 1950s TV show starring the late Gene Barry. “.

He brings the kind of passion you want. Plus, what happens if Parker or Kenny Stills gets seriously hurt the rest of the way? What happens if they get hurt so they’ll miss next season? You’d have the option to franchise tag Landry (at an admittedly uncomfortable contract in the $15 million range). Finally, there’s still the chance of signing Landry this off season.

It not fun to go there, but for me that my style of game. When I scoring goals, when I on, that where I am and where I effective. THE THIN BLUELINE. Seattle is coming off its worst defeat in the Russell Wilson era, so the Seahawks will be eager to respond and prove last week loss to Green Bay was a fluke. It also relevant that Seattle two bad losses the past three weeks came on the road, and the Seahawks are back home, where they a perfect 6 0 this season. Add in the opponent Los Angeles hasn been able to get anything going offensively this season, and the Rams are in turmoil after undergoing a coaching change this week and it a recipe for Seattle to bounce back in a big way..

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One example was the NCAA Final Four three years ago. UNM picked up the $6,000 tab which included several thousand dollars for tickets, airfare, $968 for Krebs’ hotel room and another $1,900 for his brother’s hotel room. Following Larry’s investigation, Krebs reimbursed the university $1,900..

He right on pace. (He needs) a little bit more confidence making all the calls to communicate both sides together, whether it the guard or the tackle. He progressing fairly well right now.”. Paxton and Felix (Hernandez) will lead our rotation, but Mike Leake did an outstanding job for us last year when we acquired him, it couldn have gone any better for us, Servais told 710 ESPN Seattle Brock and Salk. Thing with Erasmo Ramirez, I think kind of under the radar, the job that he did. And that fifth spot, you got Marco Gonzales, Andrew Moore, Ariel Miranda, who led our team in innings pitched last year, unfortuantely gave up a few too many homers, and we got to try to correct that..

“I think it’s the same,” Morris said then. “We’re veterans. We’re mature guys. Mariah Varner, a special education teacher, said, “Betsy DeVos is ill equipped, inexperienced, and unqualified for the position of Secretary of Education. DeVos’s primary experience in education lies in her membership of the American Federation for Children. However, her role in this group did not involve educational leadership or even any direct contact with children or students..

Vs. Seahawks preseason game. Photo: Jil Hendershot. Vs. Seahawks preseason game. Photo: Jil Hendershot. If someone would just give Fish fans something to cheer for, Marlins Park could be a special place every night. It sucks that the Marlins are a perpetually burning dumpster fire that no more than 15,000 people can support on a given night. Fans hope and pray Jeter knows what he’s doing, because baseball in Miami can work if given a real shot..

For “Tommy” and the Patriots, though, the mantra all season and on the sideline was to win for Brady’s mom and that’s just how it worked out. “It was great,” Brady, the game’s MVP, said emotionally the day after the game. “She’s been through a lot. WASHINGTON In a remarkably public confrontation, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican allies of President Donald Trump pleaded with him Monday to back away from his threatened international tariffs, which they fear could spark a dangerous trade war. Trump retorted: not backing down. In talks aimed at revising the North American Free Trade Agreement..

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For more information contact Amanda Whitfield at 802 1571. On Saturday at the Farmville Public Library, 4276 W. Church St. Going to use Saquon in every way we possibly can to give our team the best chance to be successful, short term and long term, coach James Franklin said. Obviously running the ball. That getting him more involved in the passing game because everyone is going to be focused on not allowing Saquon Barkley to beat them as a runner.

It was pads in the morning, pads in the afternoon. Ask when we are not in pads. The tunnel is dark. NFL Recap Week 7Pittsburgh Steelers 24 Cincinnati Bengals 17Sunday night’s game featured two AFC North rivals looking to gain a game on the division leading Baltimore Ravens. With their depleted running game, the Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger threw for 278 yards and one touchdown as the Steelers won 24 17. They improved their record to 3 3.

Been impressive since Day One when he stepped in here, wide receiver Harry Douglas said Monday. Just shows everybody, shows the world how he prepares, how he ready for anything and how he just cool, calm and he just handles every situation of a football game. I excited to be on this side of the ball with him.

Hard not to like what the 49ers did with the trade. It is worth questioning how Thomas fits in with the 49ers, who have drafted defensive linemen Arik Armstead and DeForest Buckner with their last two first round picks. St. “Although Governor Bevin took aim at us as one of the state’s two largest school districts in his comments last night,” Caulk said, “this is not about Fayette County. This is about every child in the Commonwealth and whether we have the collective will to ensure that our children’s future is brighter than our present. At a time when districts across Kentucky are trying to close the achievement gap, the education cuts proposed, along with the lack of strategic investments, will leave children living in poverty, children of color, children learning English as a second language, and children with special needs further behind,” Caulk said..

I could go on, and on, and on but you get the point. Patriots fans are spoiled. My God we are spoiled, and I include myself in the list of the blas and hard to please. so neither team will be able to rest their players. If you have a chance to watch both games, the Saints Falcons should be highly entertaining. They boast the two top scoring offenses in the league, and are among the worst in scoring defense.

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So it was of little surprise when the region’s real estate market deflated, beginning in 2007, that The Concession fell hard. Construction stopped. The sale of a second phase of home sites was, at first, postponed, then halted altogether as Wachovia Corp.

In the overarching story, the students talk about leadership in plural ways. It not leadership as the Marlboro man. When you point to the most frequently used words, the individual leader is always seen in the context of others, group, people, team.

“I don’t’ think we’re the only people that it happened to and I definitelydon’t think we’re the only ones who prepaid for a membership,” said Mishay Benson. The Sports Clubs is now closed. The Club was not financially supporting itself. When you do that the interest rate is in fact zero: You do not pay any interest.But these are hard times, globalization run amok, people are having trouble making ends meet even, apparently, the 28% of the top quintile of wealth holders who carry credit card debt yada, yada, yada and high interest rates are therefore unfairly punitive. So an NDP government policy, as soon as it has abolished the Senate, will be to give highly indebted Canadians a break by forcing credit card interest rates down.What do you suppose the reaction of these highly indebted people, especially any who were former senators, would be? With a lower price for credit, they might well accumulate even more debt. That might be good for overall consumption, but not so good for people who may already be too deep in debt.Since credit card debt is less than 5% of all debt and two thirds of Canadians pay off their credit card debt every month, the NDP is clearly focusing its pitch.

Flores is an expert in retention strategies for nontraditional undergraduate and graduate students in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) disciplines. From 1999 to 2007 he was the project director of the Model Institutions for Excellence Initiative, which had a funding portfolio of more than $23 million. Currently, he is director of three NSF funded programs.

Oil and gas shares continued the rallying pace set by the energy sector on Monday, with the December crude contract gaining 23 cents to US$54.38 per barrel.Surging base metals and health care stocks also gave the TSX a boost.numbers are coming in very strong. Only 20 per cent of TSX companies have reported this earnings season but of those companies they seeing on average 36 per cent earnings growth on a year over year basis, said Craig Jerusalim, portfolio manager of Canadian equities at CIBC Asset Management.lot of that is energy coming off a very weak 2016, however it across all sectors that we seeing positive growth among the companies that have reported so far. Currency markets, the Canadian dollar continued its recent slide following a report that the Canadian economy contracted in August.

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All part of Klefbom evolution. Not necessarily braining helpless goalies, but firing the puck like time is running out on a shot clock. He got nine through against the Flames and his coach is challenging him to put up 250 by the end of the season, which would have been second behind Brent Burns among defencemen last year..

Truly sorry that I chose the word gossip. It was a poor choice of words to describe such a sensitive subject in the world today and I’m just truly sorry. And I was so overwhelmed with just wanting to talk about how amazing today was and share my experience, but yeah, White said.

Interestingly enough, it could signal a major shift in how teams value rookie quarterbacks. Now that the NFL has a rookie salary cap in place, if teams can lock up Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III or Colin Kaepernick at a reasonable price, they allow themselves to build quality depth around them. Talented quarterbacks working under their first contracts could be the NFL’s newest market inefficiency..

As the risks of concussions and other brain trauma from playing football have become clearer, leagues have tried to limit the bone rattling thwacks that were once celebrated by cheering spectators. Yet researchers increasingly believe that football related head trauma is more likely to result from multiple often perfectly legal rather than a single shot. Which means the danger of playing football is as much in the accumulation of small hits to the head as it is the stomach churning big one.

As Lansdale Borough officials continue talks on their 2018 budget, the Fairmount Fire Company will be a big part of the conversation. Council has started talks on how to implement, or enhance, incentives for the fire company to attract new members, and keep the ones the company already has. Certainly a great service you provide.

That’s whenSalvador Garcia, Sergio Garcia, and Juan Garcia Vasquez were arrested, the statement says. All three were charged withconspiracy to commit a felony third degree arson. Additionally, Salvador was charged with eluding, failure to maintain control, no insurance, and interference with injury; Sergio was also charged with intimidation with a weapon and interference;Juan was also charged with interference with injury..

Wearing your fan hood is a true sign of loyalty and commitment. You’re happy to do it and if anyone questions your dedication you might go to the offensive real quick. Wearing a sharp mesh football jersey can be a great way to show where your loyalties lay.

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With Hurts, the Tide have become far more reliant on the quarterback running game. Hurts is still a work in progress in the passing game. He went 7 for 14 for 57 yards in Alabama 24 7 victory against Washington in the Peach Bowl on Saturday. Giants . Kellen Moore is returning as backup QB with the Dallas Cowboys . New Orleans was close to agreeing to terms with free agent and former San Diego Chargers LB Manti Te ESPN reported .

He changed the world through love in the face of hate. He changed the world through peace in the face of violence. He changed the world through education in the face of ignorance. The qb of these top 4 B 10 teams avg together only 10 more yards per gm than did DR. He is a true soph, 13 games into his career, to say he can get it done against the best of B 10 is ludicrous. He made a number of great passes this year (along with some very bad ones and continued exp.

If your approach distance is too short, you may not be able to achieve the momentum and workload transfer that will make your field goal attempt a success. Step 4When performing a field goal or extra point, once you have positioned yourself correctly, at the snap of the ball you will want to begin your approach by stepping first with the foot that you won’t be kicking with. Planting your foot firmly, in this manner, will provide you with the proper support and balance in order to drive your kicking leg furiously through the ball.

Kevin Garnett once told him to burn an entire outfit. In a 2016 interview with HBO Sports, Sager recalled how Popovich reproached him for trying to stand out. Sager explained to him: you don understand. Is abundantly clear and deeply troubling is that there is a serious over representation of homeless aboriginal people in this region. The numbers are getting worse. Resources than what are currently being provided need to be directed to the Aboriginal community by all levels of government to address this unacceptable situation, says Chair of the Aboriginal Homelessness Steering Committee David Wells.

By Brandon Herring bio emailFLORENCE, SC (WMBF) Florence Police are investigating three armed robberies at three gas stations in the city. The robberies happened within 33 hours of each other beginning Friday night.Maj. At the Gate gas station at 1102 W.

Is the community I grew up in, Barnes said. Love this area and I think with some hard work, we can make it even better than it is now. I come from an activist family, and around the dinner table it was instilled in me that public service is noble, and if we don try to make a difference, we won works in private law practice in Laurel, and comes out of the county Democratic Central Committee, a breeding ground for young politicians and activists.

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Sociologists use the concept of social identity to explain how people understand who they are and why they do what they do. According to social identity theory, people classify themselves and others as belonging to specific groups. People regard groups more like themselves more positively, identifying themselves as members of such groups in contrast to others.

Denver squeaked into the playoffs as AFC West champions on the final day of the regular season last year.Titans owner Bud Adams declared earlier this month he wanted Manning and considers him the missing piece to a championship team. That might not sit too well with Matt Hasselbeck, who signed to a three year contract last July with Tennessee.The pursuit of Manning has kept the Titans from addressing their defensive line early in free agency, one of their top needs. Mario Williams signed with Buffalo, John Abraham re signed with Atlanta and Jason Jones left Tennessee for Seattle..

Spence was doing it himself. He failed a second test in September 2014, testing positive for Ecstasy, and was banned from the Big Ten. On to Eastern Kentucky, Spence seemed to get his life in order in addition to totaling 13.5 sacks. “We believe that at least in a limited form that it’s a positive step, so we agree with Coach on that front,” he said. “In fact, that’s something we fought for in our last labor negotiations with the officials is to be able to hire a limited number of officials, I think it was 16 or so, so that we would have the ability to have them in the office during the week. We could develop greater consistency, and consistency is really the core of what we’ve talked about all week here in officiating.”.

There also is evidence that Hernandez wasn’t close to many teammates. His lifestyle wasn’t a secret in that locker room. As early as July 2013, Brady said he had moved on and 18 months later obviously so many others have, too. New Haven. Cast includes Peter Chenot, George Kulp, Jim Lones, Steve Scarpa and J. Kevin Smith.

The Panthers are as good as advertised. Their shutdown defence has given up a measly 151 points on the year, besting the Chiefs and Seahawks by nearly 30 points. The Bucs were very fortunate to defeat the Lions last week, being completely outplayed.

“I’m an insatiable news junkie,” he says, “so the reading that I do, I would do anyway. The show just gives me a way to answer back.” The sensibility of “Le Show,” and much of Shearer’s creative output, is conveniently echoed by “The Simpsons,” even though he plays no part in its writing. Certainly, that resonated for me.” Shearer recalls the show’s first script, whose characters assigned to him were highlighted in yellow.

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Rough. Lucky for him, no city is more forgiving than Boston. Wonderful to be here in San Francisco, the home of Super Bowl 50. “I used to criticism. I used to that. Every day, I have to earn my stripes,” he said in a portion of Tuesday interview that aired on “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday.

Move by Minnesota to grab Stanford running back Toby Gerhart in the second round. That takes the sting out of losing Chester Taylor to Chicago in free agency. San Diego might have taken Gerhart at 28 in the first round had the Chargers not traded up to get Fresno State’s Ryan Mathews..

All of the eight coaches mentioned above apprenticed under Reid, and they either are or have been NFL head coaches themselves, and what stands out most about them is the diversity of their expertise. His struggles with game clock management notwithstanding, Reid is known as an offensive guru; his renovation of the Chiefs playbook, to include more run pass option concepts, laid the groundwork for Smith marvelous performance so far. Pederson, Childress, and Shurmur are offensively trained and inclined, as well.

Impact: Sometimes, figures can lie. But when an NFL team sees not only two 100 yard rushers, but those rushers average 7.0 (LeSean McCoy) and 12.2 (Karlos Williams) per carry, the numbers speak like they’ve got a truth serum IV. Buffalo ran the shifty McCoy inside early and ran the power back, Williams, to the edges later.

Purdue: When Indiana took a 14 4 lead with 14:04 left in the first half, it was the first time the Boilermakers trailed by more than nine points during their winning streak. Purdue missed its first six 3 pointers and finished 5 of 8 beyond the arc. Haas was 10 of 17 from the field.

The Seahawks have plenty of mouths to feed with Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett and Jimmy Graham, but quarterback Russell Wilson is slinging it all over the place partly because Seattle’s running game is so poor. So, there have been enough opportunities to make receiver Paul Richardson a fantasy asset the past two weeks. Richardson had 61 yards and a touchdown in Week 7 and topped that with 105 yards and two touchdowns in Week 8.

One of the linebackers must blitz. This leaves this defense open to quick, fast passing attacks. Especially across the middle. Season has been an absolute blast. I could not have asked for a better group of guys to play with, better coaches to play for, or a better fan base to represent. Playing for the University of Wisconsin has always been a dream of mine and I am extremely fortunate to have been able to fulfill that dream.