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Koerte says more research involving more players at different ages is needed to get a better idea of how potentially damaging head trauma can be at young ages. If it turns out repetitive head bumps are harming cognition, Koerte saysregulationslikesittingoutafter a single or a designated number of hits may be needed. Or heading shouldn be allowed at all until a certain age..

Saints WRs Keith Poole and Eddie Kennison will challenge the NFL’s 28th ranked pass defense. Bears RB Curtis Enis has bounced back from the knee injury that ruined his rookie season to score a TD in all three ’99 games. Bears QBs Shane Matthews and Cade McNown will face a Saints defense that’s collected 12 sacks in its first two games..

Clueless, she made her way to an unusual new reality TV show, the first of its kind in Africa. Government, trains contestants from Kenya and neighbouring Tanzania and gives them plots to cultivate, with a $10,000 prize for the most productive. The goal: Prove to young people that agriculture can be fun and profitable..

HB 227 takes aim at Kentucky’s growing homegrown solar industry and limits consumer choice. Why do Reps. Jim Gooch, Matt Castlen, Larry Brown and Sal Santoro, sponsors of HB 227, want to do this? Kentucky utilities have never provided any data to show the need for this legislation and offer no evidence that Kentucky’s non solar customers are subsidizing grid access for those with panels on their roofs.

In his 5th season, Fitzgerald led the Cardinals to the 2008 NFC Championship and a berth in Super Bowl XLIII. Away from the field, Fitzgerald Down Fund has raised millions of dollars over the years for numerous organizations across the country. His Fitzgerald Memorial Fund raises money to aid the fight against breast cancer.

“Normally, they can last for two or three games to six or seven,” Foo was saying the other day from Stockton, Calif., the site of the Flames’ American Hockey League affiliate. “It’s definitely tougher in those times. You just try and battle through it.

“I became interested in marketing primarily because it involves people,” Ellis said. “And you can also learn how to sell. I love interacting with and meeting new people, and marketing gives me that opportunity. Message to the team right now, on the outside of the sixth Wild Card spot: “Really, it’s just this game. There’s other games that have to be played, other teams gotta win to and they gotta do their stuff. There’s a tough game coming up for the Rams going to Tennessee, they gotta go win that game.

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