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Helijet was fined a total of $26,250 on six counts over four separate days for failure to operate an aircraft accordance with the operating limitations set out in the aircraft flight manual. Federal department had raised concerns about the model of aircraft used by Helijet doing night flights onto so called H1 category hospital helipads those in dense urban areas and the need for more windows so that if one engine fails, pilots would have an unobstructed view for an emergency landing.Rick Hill, Helijet’s vice president of commercial and business programs, said in response to the fines that the issue stemmed from a Transport Canada inspection in March 2016 that resulted in Helijet voluntarily suspending its Sikorsky 76C+ air medical helicopters from landing at up to seven hospital helipads in or near urban areas.Transport Canada routine inspection determined that Helijet S76 Sikorsky helicopters used for air medical operations were not technically compliant with Transport Canada criteria for landing at H1 class heliports, Hill said.The issue related to an over documentation compliance concerning interpretation of the Sikorsky S 76C+ flight manual, he said. While the issue was under review, Helijet curtailed certain air ambulance flights, and found alternative and effective means to transport patients in need of urgent medical care, he said.Eventually, a new technical document referred to as a Supplemental Type Certificate was approved by Transport Canada and added to the S76C+ helicopter flight manual, which permitted resumption of landings at all previously restricted ground and elevated H1 designated hospital heliports in December 2016, Hill said.Earlier this month, a federal Transportation Safety Board report determined that flying under night visual flight rules (VFR) without adequate visual reference to the ground, along with a lack of crew coordination and ineffective standard operating procedures, led to a Helijet Sikorsky S76 helicopter nearly colliding with terrain in Tofino in November 2015.

“Obviously, parents are entitled to discipline their children as they see fit, except when that discipline exceeds what the community would say is reasonable,” Montgomery County Prosecutor Phil Grant said about 12 hours after Peterson was booked and released from jail on $15,000 bond. He is charged with causing injury to a child age 14 or younger. He has a home in both locations..

Nike happens to be pretty notorious for its ambush strategies. Arguably, the brand took best prize for World Cup advertising with its award winning Write the Future campaign, sans FIFA sponsorship, and it became famous for its ambush during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, which compelled the IOC to rethink its marketing guidelines for the game. Agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine came face to face with Olympics “Brand Enforcers” after enlisting team members Nat and Luke to create something around the games that would help make the shop famous.

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