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The roster will tell you he is 6 foot 7, 255 pounds. But, he looks bigger. He has been listed at 275 pounds in the past, and honestly, he can pass for it now. I remember when unarmed game wardens would check on you and all they asked for was your fishing or hunting license. Miss those days, now you have two guys in para military body armor with guns on their hips bothering you. Enjoy the holiday weekend just make sure you have a sober boat driver and no glass bottles, pour the wine or drink in a cup and the water cops cant do anything..

The suspension sparked an instant and heated debate over how the league dishes out punishment, given that drug violations typically draw longer suspensions. It particularly resonated poorly with women, sending the wrong message just as NFL viewership among them is at a high and when the league is, once again, openly courting the audience of women and their financial clout. At a time when some women employed as cheerleaders are suing teams in several cities over low wages, the suspension especially strikes another oddly off key note for a league that has always been better at PR than this..

It left the Falcons to openly wonder what the heck is going on.Another quarterback who strengthened his case this week was Dak Prescott, who threw for 212 yards, three touchdowns and zero interceptions in a Cowboys victory over the Lions on Monday night. The rookie stacks up decently against Brady.The volume stats are lacking, but Prescott efficiency has been remarkable foranyone, let alone a rookie.Really, for Brady to win the award, it would be as much for the story of his season as it is for his actual stats. But one could argue that Prescott story, as a rookie in a market like Dallas, taking over for someone like Tony Romo,stands up to Brady work at age 39 and coming off a suspension.Also creeping into the MVP race at quarterback is Aaron Rodgers, who overcome a mediocre first half of the year to compile some worthy stats.Rodgers 36 TDs has him leading the NFL heading into Week 17, and if he can lead the Packers into the playoffs after a 4 6 start, then he undoubtedly make a push for the award himself.Outside of the QB position,Prescott rookie teammate Ezekiel Elliotthas also made his own case as the most valuable player in the league.

Frazier, the defensive coordinator, took over a team that was within a field goal of making the Super Bowl the previous season, losing in overtime to eventual champion New Orleans in the NFC championship. Childress, who was in his fifth season, finished 40 37 in four plus years, including a 1 2 playoff record. Frazier was kept on as head coach after that season and remained in that role through 2013, finishing his tenure 21 32 1..

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