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KANSAS CITY, MO Arthur Norman Jr. Faces first degree rape or attempted rape. He was charged as a persistent sex offender, which means punishment could be extended to life without parole.According to court records, a woman in the 1000 block of East Eighth Street in Kansas City reported on Aug.

He missed five games after injuring a hamstring last season and in July was dumped by the Giants, who instead signed untested kicker Todd France.Before the season opener the Giants bid adieu to France and convinced veteran kicker Steve Christie to come out of retirement.”That’s one thing I’m trying to forget,” Bryant said of his Giants’ experience.What Bryant will never forget is the day he gave a desperate man $200 for a $16,000 Rolex Presidential watch.”The guy had 90 days to get it out,” Bryant said. “He must’ve forgot about it. The owner sold it for $7,000 8,000.”Bryant said many K clients are average folks just trying to pay bills.

Pitting you 1 on 1 with a real life opponent, one inning at a time, Preplay is all about predicting the next play. So if you the kind of fan who likes to call the action before it happens, this app is a great second screen companion. And with weekly challenges and power ups, there plenty to keep the game interesting, even if it moving slow on the field.

I have ZERO respect for Rich Rid as a coach, and even less as a person. I have said from day one I thought he was not the man for the job, and I am proven right day after day after day. I have closed my check book to the U, as have many other alums.

“We wanted people to have no excuse to come on board for football,” Di Fino said. “Dome Field Advantage to us is a concept we can all believe in. We know when it’s loud it helps Coach (Dino Babers), but it’s also a challenge to our fans to get back into the Dome and make it that way.

No smiles yet. I’m trying to get up close and personal to that babe. That’s it. Going to a new team and seemingly healthy for the first time, expectations were high for Watkins. The result has been Watkins becoming the biggest healthy bust of the fantasy season. In five of the eight games he has played, he has fantasy point totals of 5, 2, 0, 2 and 7.

I look forward to seeing what some of them do in games. It always fun to see them go play. You get a feel for them in practice, but there are always guys who don play, and when the lights go on, you find out a little about them. This should be a disturbing trend as points that could be valuable in April are slipping away. Being without Turris and Ryan, the first two in their shootout lineup, doesn help. At least each has scored on an attempt this season.

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