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NBC said it expects that January AFC championship game, with an average of 44.1 million, will stand as the No. 2 most watched TV program of 2018, reflecting the extraordinary popularity of the Super Bowl. The network also noted the last time the Eagles and Patriots squared off for the NFL championship, in 2005, that game drew considerably fewer viewers (86.1 million viewers) and had a lower share (41.1 to 43.1) than Sunday event..

So what’s next for the star? More world domination, surely, but the rest remains to be seen. We do know for sure that expanding her family isn’t on her list: In response to a rash of recent pregnancy rumors, the star has spoken out about her plan to keep her family exactly as is. Because you what they say: Quit while you’re ahead..

Texans have taken the position, historically, that the field issues are all up to SMG, Egdorf said. If the Texans just told SMG they want to have field turf, there would be field turf. Turf has been used before at NRG. Everything else stops when the NFL’s best take to the gridiron in the league’s February championship. The rest of the world from television series to movie releases to video drops halts dead in its tracks. Not even the Grammys or the Oscars can measure up to the way that the Super Bowl shuts down all other entertainment..

It starts Black Friday which now seems to span multiple days to Cyber Monday and the entire month of December becomes a frantic consumer sprint to the holiday finish line. And then, of course, comes the inevitable return/exchange season. Every year around this time, the Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery, the artsy upstairs partner of Tate’s Comics (4566 N.

Does sleep have something to do with it? Under Armour, one of Brady sponsors, is betting on it. The inside of this fitted garment comes in long or short sleeves and pants or shorts equipped with a soft bio ceramic print, which can produce something called far infrared energy when combined with the body natural heat. The company touts far infared energy as a sleep aid and is promising its Brady gear will reduce inflammation, regulate cell metabolism, and improve circulation, helping the body recover faster and fostering better sleep.

In NASCAR slang, a car crash is called “trading paint.” That’s a good metaphor for the way images rub off on each other in the NASCAR drama. NASCAR VP Paul Brooks called the proposed Britney racing movie “the perfect blend of two incredible brands.” NASCAR Barbie wears the logos of NASCAR and a fellow Mattel toy, Hot Wheels. In reviewing the NASCAR IMAX film, an entertainment branding another entertainment, Entertainment Weekly’s critic Lisa Schwarzbaum complained about feeling trapped in a hall of advertising mirrors.

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