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Look at the schedule! So many talking heads just blurt out predictions on a team expected record without even looking at their schedule. Did you know that the NFC North plays the NFC West and AFC South divisions this year? Take out the Niners and Texans and six winnable games remain. The AFC West gets the AFC North and the NFC South.

Fox’s late game meant CBS’s “60 Minutes” clock was right on time, but it missed a big game lead in, as the 2.6/7 was off 21% from last week. “Amazing Race,” however, has amazing resiliency, as it bounced back to actually over deliver its usual level by a tenth of a ratings point (3.4/8). But then, as usual, many of those viewers vamoosed.

What Lynch and Shanahan are doing is eerily similar to what Belichick does now find players who fit the system instead of finding a bunch of, frequently over rated, name FAs that knows. Which is why he successful year after year and all the name FA teams tend to crash and burn under the cap and mediocrity. The pats have a revolving door at rb and he never solidified the job.

One, the business gets rewarded for taking risks and there are clear objectives to hit, usually it around sales, revenue, profits. The IT organization usually gets rewarded for stability, minimizing risks. For example success [for the CMO would be] creating a video that will go viral, that will hit your website massively with very little notice.

The ads may well suggest a different agenda. The Coast was the rallying cry of those who opposed the Trans Mountain project! asked Agriculture Minister Lana Popham the government ads mirror the anti development slogans of her friends, but Popham insisted the ads are not meant to further drag the industry into a political pipeline fight. Wines..

In fairness to Ramirez, he played the game with only one good eye. The day before, he was working in the fields in Salem when he was stung below and to the side of his right eye by two yellow jackets as he was hitching up a trailer. Ramirez was fine the rest of day, but he awakened the morning of the game with his right eye swollen shut.

San Francisco, which not so long ago prided itself on not allowing rushing touchdowns, has given up a league leading 24 rushing TDs this season. This is the type of run defense Seattle could get it running game straight against as it heads into the postseason.The Seahawks are also fortunate that No. 1 running back Thomas Rawls, who left last week 34 31 loss to the Cardinals because of a bruised shoulder, was given a clean bill of health this week and will be available against the 49ers.

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