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One play later, Gano booted it a 33 yard field goal to give the Locomotives a 20 17 win. For the game, Bollinger completed 22 of 45 passes for 306 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Maxwell had five catches for 80 yards and Michael Pittman added six catches for 77 yards..

“What happened is pretty dramatic,” said Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis at the Oil Price Information Service. Oil inventory the crude that’s been pumped out of the ground but not yet sold has dropped 15% over the past year, according to the EIA. Stockpiles have shrunk 10 weeks in a row, and are the smallest since February 2015..

NEW YORK American Express today breaks an estimated $10 million to $15 million TV campaign for its Travelers Cheques, described as the first entirely new campaign in 20 years. The effort consists of three humorous 30 second spots highlighting lost and found attendants describing what travelers leave behind. The spots, themed “Lose these, get them back,” were created by Ogilvy Mather and are stylistically similar to O current AmEx charge card effort..

Kula Ranch has six flat screen HD televisions and a 6 foot wide big screen. Enjoy pulled pork sandwiches, teriyaki cheeseburgers, turkey sliders or pork and pineapple sausage sandwiches (all just $5 each on Mondays only). Thirsty? Pigskin Mondays bring Bud Light drafts for two bucks an microbrew pints for three bucks.

Ravens (E) at Jaguars: The bell could be tolling soon for embattled Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley. He’s 12 38 in three plus season after last weeks’ no show against the Chargers. That’s the second worst record after 50 games in the salary cap era behind only Cincinnati’s David Shula.

STRENGTHS: Collects his footwork to efficiently plant and go through holes on the offensive line. Subtle juking skills to set up and sidestep defenders. Quick to scan and makes decisive movements once he feels room to work. Yep, sounds like a sentiment even Lou Dobbs could get behind. But anyone who thinks Mellencamp is going to start catering to the Toby Keith set ignores one important fact about the man. Springsteen wasn’t the only guy who spurned Reagan in ’84.

Every day our staff is asked to make judgment calls based on the information they receive, and each school year there are numerous CPS reports made by teachers and administrators in the name of student safety and security. Documentation from Child Protective Services states, it would be ideal to have a clear cut guide that would determine whether any given situation constitutes abuse or neglect, there are many factors that determine whether a situation warrants an investigation. While I won comment on whether or not the right judgment call was made, I do know the character of both administrators in question, and I am confident that neither of these administrators would deliberately hurt a child..

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