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“I probably think about it much more broadly than most,” DePodesta said of analytics. “For me, it’s really about a mindset, not an algorithm. The mindset’s about how do we use information to help us make better decisions at the end of the day? This is something that’s been going on in professional sports, and even in football, for decades.

Also created a long john style doughnut called Greased Pole. On the morning of Sunday NFC championship game, workers in Philadelphia who jokingly called themselves the Cops greased light poles to try to prevent fans from climbing up them after the game. It didn stop some fans after the Eagles won, though..

“It is important that we begin to teach children that offense language is often also oppressive language, and by using it, we continue the practice of prejudice. I have found that when these words are used, the students have a hard time explaining their intent they may claim it was meant as a joke, they did not connect the word to the meaning, etc. I believe them.

100 years ago, Mayor Jermyn reported the city had raised $4,101 to help the people of war torn Beligum. He also announced it was Dollar Day and encouraged all citizens to donate $1 to the cause. Citizens. And he’s a physical guy, I’m a physical guy. We respect each other. In hindsight, really, it’s just an honor to be here.” Instead, Gerhart will settle for this remarkable distinction: He is the only human being on earth who has been this close to winning the Heisman Trophy without actually winning it.

I checked out a couple of Cleveland Browns message boards and they don seem upset with the hire.The consensus is “give the guy a chance”. I suppose that a reasonable mentality to have. It just seems to me that you want somebody coming off a lot of success as a coordinator, not a guy whose teams have struggled mightily on offense the past three years.

Comments: The Horsemen ride into their first af2 campaign confident they can compete right away. The team has enjoyed success at other levels of indoor football, but the af2 is a step above the rest. Head Coach Mike Harmon has put together a team he feels is athletic enough to adapt to the nuances specific to Arena Football.

DNA fingerprinting was employed to identify the skeletal remains of Dr , the Nazi doctor who performed experiments on hundreds of thousands of victims of Nazi oppression. He was known as the ‘Angel of Death’ by prisoners at Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp. When WW11 ended he was caught by the Allies, but eventually freed (his captors did not know who he really was) and ultimately he became one of the world’s most wanted war criminals.

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