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Thought I had a pretty good game, said Regina new starting goalie, whose team was outshot 48 31. Guys really came to play in the third period and got us a few key goals to win the game. Kubic downplayed his heroics, head coach/GM John Paddock was quick to give credit where it was due.

Roger Goodell can try to make the NFL safer, but he can t legislate that, either. The commissioner s power in such matters relies on coercion, and judging by last weekend s slate of games, some of the same people he s trying to reach couldn t care less. A few seemed more determined than ever to wring their opponents necks, regardless of the consequences..

Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea, was discussing the impeachment of South Korea president, when his four year old daughter Marion crashed his screen time by wandering into his office with a saunter before Kelly pushed her back in the direction of the door. She was soon followed by his eight month old son James toddling in a walker and then the pair mother, Kelly wife, Kim Jung A, who collected the two, all while Kelly kept going. The verified Internet gold quickly catapulted the family to international fame, but as with most viral things, not without its share of controversy..

The Chargers’ secondary is pretty decent and defensive end Joey Bosa will cause problems I’m sure, so forget it. Running back Isaiah Crowell could be okay on the ground this week, as San Diego can be run on. He’s a flex or RB 2 if you need him. MATT: SINCE THE GRASS ISN REAL, THEY CAN SCRUB THE PAINT OFF, AND PUT DOWN NEW LINES. >> A FEW YEARS AGO WE WENT WITH SYNTHETIC PRODUCTS. IF IT WAS NATURAL, IT WOULD BE DIFFICULT TO DO THIS.

He told Justin, ‘Have your dad contact me. I’ve got an apartment I can rent him.’ ” . The Detroit Red Wings have lost six in a row. You don’t suppose the hockey gods are punishing them for having Todd Bertuzzi on their roster, do you? . Their winter package includes our favorite flavor,veal osso buco with saffron and parmesan. They also have plenty of vegetarian options. Six cupcakes runs $54..

“Every time there’s an injury, people look at the game and the rules and the committees. You hear some people say, ‘They shouldn’t play preseason games. They shouldn’t practice so much.’ Okay. The world might be a lot closer to a birth control pill for men. A proposed hormone pill, called dimethandrolone undecanoate, effectively decreased testosterone levels and other hormones responsible for sperm production without serious side effects, a new study says. However, the study had a small sample size, so more research needs to be done on it..

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