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Karl Illg, Karlie father, said she worked for Indiana University in grant management and spent the last week of her life caring for her husband and two sick children. Illg says Karlie had not received a flu shot this season due to a scheduling conflict at work. She always made sure to get her shot, he said..

Navy finished the year with a No. 2 national ranking and a date with No. 1 Texas in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on New Year Day 1964. On that note, two things: The first is that you should watch the in game show that pops up on the TVs you find. “Night Springs” is clearly the game’s version of “The Twilight Zone,” and the snippets of video you watch give a surprising amount of depth to the game’s universe, even if they tend to be more self referential than anything else. The second, and probably the more important one, is to take time to find and read the manuscript pages that are strewn about.

So, the dozens of high speed hits that happen every game carry a higher likelihood of potentially hazardous results. While catastrophic injuries like Everett’s remain rare, reports of concussions and other severe trauma on the football field are starting to pile up even at the high school and college level. In a study of high school and college football players published last summer, the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine found that between 1989 and 2002, on average of six players per year became quadriplegic after an injury on the field.

In the world of professional football, the cheerleaders are a high stepping diversion to the main event the game. They are the pinups of the National Football League, the halftime showgirls in short skirts (weather permitting). Off the field, these women may be accountants, teachers or nurses.

My definition might include a number of teams that aren’t generally thought of as West Coast offense teams. In fact, most of the league uses some of the West Coast philosophy and perhaps even the Walsh tree of plays. For the most part, the system and the plays are intersecting, but they don’t need to be.

Oh boy. I guess all the Who Dats still flying on the magic carpet are going to take me to task for picking against their beloved Black and Gold to start the season. I’ll have to take the heat, because I don’t think this defense is going to be able to stop anyone in the early going, and the Cardinals’ D is too good to think the Saints will be able to pull of the upset in the desert.

Garrett Hartley onside kick was touched by the Colts Hank Baskett, then recovered by Chris Reis at the New Orleans 42. Looking like the NFL most potent offense, the Saints seized the opportunity to take their first lead. It came on Pierre Thomas brilliant 16 yard run with a screen pass, capped by a dive into the end zone..

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