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In the 40 intervening years, the New Orleans area had its share of scares. But Smith grew up basically hurricane free. He played college basketball at Southern University and, later, football at the University of Missouri. At the end of the first half, Kansas State led 21 14. Coach Bill Snyder turned down a chip shot field goal to go for a touchdown. Klein ran to his left.

Been fun to watch him this season, and it be fun to watch him grow in the coming years. The only defensive player to be named a Heisman finalist, said he personally didn think Jackson got enough credit as a passer. Fans and pundits often pointed to his speed and athleticism; Peppers instead hyped Jackson laser arm.

House Speaker Paul Ryan waded into the NFL protest debate Thursday, calling demonstrations during the National Anthem think it misguided to protest the anthem or the flag because people don see it as an issue, as some political issue they see it as protesting against the people who have given their lives for this country and the ideals we all strive for to make a more perfect union, the Wisconsin Republican said at his weekly news conference when asked to respond to President Donald Trump latest comments on the NFL protests. So that the point I think some people are missing in this debate. Players, some of whom have said they are protesting social injustice and police brutality, argue that they are exercising free speech..

During a loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Savage was hit by the Niners’ Elvis Dumervil as he threw a pass. His hands were seen shaking as he was on the ground. He was sent to the sideline and was examined in the medical tent there, reportedly for about three minutes.

He looked at me, and I thought he might say, “Hey, kid, get lost.” And he said, “You know what? That was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I really appreciate that.” Then I really got flustered, and I said, “Walter, can I get an autograph?” He said, “I don’t have a pen with me, so I’ll give you this.” He gave me his elbow pads and sweat bands. I still have them to this day..

Sure the first period will be like standing on a motor speedway, Versteeg predicted after Friday morning skate. Then once you can kind of sink in and your brain can function at that pace again and everything starts slowing down, then hopefully you can just keep going on and playing your game. Is more of a support staffer than a marquee man at the Saddledome, but his return to the lineup comes at a valuable time..

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