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I want to win just one, just this one. Reporter: At the super bowl’s annual pregame circus, known as opening night, both players heaping praise on each other. You don’t go 17 1 as a starting quarterback without being awesome. What a joke in any other job, especially a non union job, they wouldn tolerate call offs for something like that In any other place decisions would have to be made as to who could go They are breaking the state laws regarding providing education as this is not a weather nor is it a school issuer. And what is so wrong about them going to the viewing instead and have the school administrators represent the school That is so unbelievable And of course, because it a union, nothing is going to get done about them calling off last minute, for a non relative funeral, no write ups or anything. And again, at any other job, you be in trouble or lose your job for calling off for a non relative.

Manning tied Brett Favre for most regular season wins (186) by starting QB this season. WR Demaryius Thomas had 105 catches and 1,304 yards receiving in regular season to become first in team history with four straight 1,200 yard seasons. Broncos were No.

Just as the giant Chili Cookoff inspires food with the impact of a reactor core meltdown, the Jerk Festival usually ignites taste buds in a big way. Scotch bonnet peppers, the fiery ingredient in jerk sauce, appears to greater and lesser degrees in the authentic Jamaican cuisine offered by vendors and competitors. (last call used to come at 5:30 in the old location).

BETWEEN PERIODS: The horrible Senators power play continued to fire blanks on Saturday. Just a thought, but they might want to steal a page from the Islanders, who seldom try those cross slot passes that very rarely result in success and are a staple of the Senators power play Wouldn it make more sense to just put a puck towards the net, rather than throw in from one side of the boards to the other for a shot that usually makes a loud noise on the back wall? First cheer of the night was for Erik Karlsson, not because of a move or a shot but a shoulder check he used to knock down Joshua Ho Sang to the ice in the third minute First up ice rush for John Tavares saw him 1 on 1 with Bobby Ryan, who was impersonating a defenceman and did a good job of it, deflecting a shot over the glass A call is what Tavares got when Derick Brassard was given two minutes for him along the boards in the first. Looked like no contact was made at all from our vantage point Also a weak call on Calvin de Hann in the second last minute of the second, so that a wash The Senators have scored eight goals during their six game losing streak, but hey, they finally ended their power play drought at what, 0 for 22 or 23?.

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