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Warm and welcoming, said Zemrus, whose business is in its 20th year. Just want it to be an experience to remember, and (encourage people to) shop small. Party Paradise, another small business, Christmastime sales doubled from last year, owner Jamie Sato said.

Obviously, Donald Trump benefits from white male privilege. When Obama said that, the Cambridge [Massachusetts] police acted stupidly for arresting someone for breaking into their OWN HOUSE! he had to have a beer summit to apologize for stating the obvious. But Donald Trump offers no apology for smearing the mothers of these NFL players.

Let stipulate what the 21.5 million people who attended NHL games in just the last season already know: Hockey is a magnificent sport. It fast, complex and full contact, and that fine. But full contact also means violent, which is no surprise when you have exceedingly large men carrying sticks and racing at one another across the ice at more than 30 mi.

While the NRA has filed suit against the law, it raises the question if that could happen in a state with full Republican control of the state government could that be repeated in other states or Congress? The idea is to shift public opinion to such a point that something once socially acceptable owning a gun is now socially unacceptable. Will guns make a difference in the 2018 mid terms? In 1994, the issue of gun control and gun rights was a factor as Republicans swept their way into power in both the House and Senate. Guns weren the only reason but votes in 1993 and 1994 related to the Brady Bill, and an assault weapons ban gave the NRA ample reason to pour money into that mid term election, which only helped the GOP that November.

The comeback to get it to overtime. The onside kick to give the Rams great field position an onside kick that almost never was. The field goal. “I would have to agree,” said Wendell Barnhouse, who covered the first 13 years of the Big 12 for the Fort Worth Star Telegram, then worked seven years in the Big 12 office. “If Oklahoma wasn’t doing what they’re doing, I think the league, at least comparatively in football, would be nowhere. Particularly considering how bad Texas has been.

Did a good job, said guard Joel Bitonio. Growing and he trying to improve. There are going to be bumps. McCracken was the first athlete to be inducted into the Northwest Athletic Hall of Fame. In 1930 31, he led the Bearcats to 43 consecutive wins and a perfect 31 0 record. McCracken earned MIAA All Conference honors in 1930,1931,1932, and was named an All American for Northwest in 1930 and 1931..

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