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2. Capture everything in photos and on video. Buy Flip Digital cameras for the club and provide them to staff and guests. What happened? Nothing that knocked Draisaitl out of the game on Monday, as his last shift finished with just 2:25 remaining. One play that does come to mind is a high hit from Jets defender Jacob Trouba that did knock Leon off his feet, a rare occurrence in its own right. A closer look at the replays towards the end of the clip suggests that the head was point of contact, possibly the primary point.

3a couple notes here on purdue football departures. Notably, wilson did not make the trip to california with purdue, for the foster farms bowl, back in december. That was due to an academic issue. “I am not an expert on where he is going to go and what team, but I just know what I see,” Palmer said. “He is a very, very good player and he is going to be able to do whatever he wants in the league. He’s got all the intangibles.

Fans might not shed many tears each time QB Ryan Fitzpatrick moves on to his next NFL stop, but probably his tight ends do. According to ESPN, the 34 year old this decade owns the league No. 1 passer rating (109.7) when throwing to tight ends. This is my second trip to Iran, a country that is being embargoed, sanctioned and put down in our media with nary a chance to talk back. That’s why I came to learn more about Iran’s views that have been banished from the airways in Britain, and rarely, if ever, given airtime in what passes for our “free” media. Iran is escalating its media efforts with a new channel in Spanish..

There are other teams that can maybe boast of having a string of better than passable quarterbacks for extended periods. Dallas, from maybe 1965 through ’83, with Don Meredith, Craig Morton, Roger Staubach and Danny White. Cincinnati with Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason from about 1972 until Esiason’s last year in ’92.

The subtext here is that black athletes and entertainers have been invited to the Big House to sit at the table with the bosses. As long as we keep shuffling and entertaining, express our gratitude and keep our mouths shut like small children, then we can stay. But if we mention the conditions of those people outside, we are threatened with expulsion from the white Garden of Eden..

“Any forecast we had before is blown out of the water I mean, everything is tech now,” Five Talent CEO Preston Callicott said Tuesday. “Les Schwab is a tire company, but they a tech company that sells tires. Everyone has tech embedded in their companies, so the requirement for talent has just gone through the roof.”.

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