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When Trump won, he understandably expected Pence to prove his usefulness by securing congressional victories. Pence has certainly served as a loyal foot soldier, refusing to speak a cross word about his boss and vigorously supporting his legislative priorities. But he also over promised and under delivered, particularly on health care.

This type of wingman usually has heightened senses, an almost preternatural ability to figure out where the host is hiding his other bottles of Burnett’s, and is willing to position himself directly in front of the circulating hors d’oeuvres. He can smell tiny grilled cheeses from a distance of about 20 yards, and he’ll patiently stalk anything on a stick or mini bun. He’s a stand up guy who brings back extra chips (and salsa!) for the whole group.

Odds matcher will find bets for you in a split second that can be placed on a football team winning and not winning. You back the team to win with a particular bookie and then use a betting exchange (such as Betfair) to bet that they won’t win. This way every outcome of the football match is covered and thanks to the software, no matter what happens you will get your entire stake back..

They’ll be putting on full hitch parades from Feb. Accompanying the Clydesdales are their trainers and their trusty Dalmatian friend. Dogs traditionally provided protection for the horses while their drivers were making deliveries. “Nevertheless, he was realistic,” Henry said. “He knew that his fate was in the hands of the parole board and he’s done his best to serve his time honorably and I believe he has. I’ve been to the prison to visit with him at least a half a dozen times and most times that I see him there he’s very upbeat.

Finally, long snapper John Denney is scheduled to cost $1.215 million against the cap in 2016. The team can save $1.115 million by cutting him in his final contract year. Will they do this? It is not an urgent or certain move. Flores won two Super Bowls as Raiders head coach. The first time, an injury to Dan Pastorini forced Jim Plunkett into the lineup. Flores also coached Ken Stabler and, with Seattle, No.

HANK’S HONEYS: Le’Veon Bell finally shook off the rust last week and he’s going up against the league’s worst run defense at 5.6 yards allowed per carry, augmented by big chunk plays. The Jaguars’ problem remains Blake Bortles. They do everything they can to keep the ball out of his hands.

Sam release from the St. Louis Rams, who drafted the University of Missouri star in the seventh round, was never going to be a shocker. That team had well documented depth at defensive line. Could a meat heavy diet of ribs and chicken be to blame for Moss’ aggressive tendencies? If so, he should take a cue from fellow NFL player Ricky Williams, a famous vegetarian, and head to Darbster, a vegan restaurant in West Palm Beach. Darbster’s faux chicken wings are so good and so realistic they could fool anyone into thinking they were the real thing. Even someone with as adept a palate as Moss’.

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