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And we can wait for the Interstate to get remodeled we have to work on it now,” said Johnson.Voters will also decide the highly contested race for Westlake Chief of Police, which has incumbent Jeremy Cryer facing fellow officer Captain Michael Dickerson.According to Cryer under his watch crime in the city has been reduced by 50 percent.”What we been able to do is spend more time in the neighborhood stopping crime and deterring crime. That going to remain my priority,” said Cryer.As for Dickerson, he promises to have a presence in the community and start several neighborhood watch groups.”I think Westlake deserves an experienced, well trained and a committed police chief to lead them into the future,” said Dickerson.Also in Westlake, Curtis Alexander faces Lori Ellis Peterson for Council Seat Division B. The election will be held on October 2nd.

Me, having married an Islander and knowing a little bit about the culture, I thought being involved in a community event would be more important than an economic event. In the long term it will serve me better and that what the best for the situation on the Island. Was not possible to organize an event like this on his own, Goguen said..

A typical delivery, Ward said: would put $100,000 into a hockey bag, show up at the casino, and give (the VIP gambler) $100,000 the loaning out would go to Chinese offshore gamblers coming into Canada. Said Canadian residents were also loaned cash from Silver in sharking operations. And Lower Mainland wire transfer businesses were also funded with suspected drug money..

Nobody’s going to fall through the cracks. Forty or 50 years ago, [talented prospects] would fall through the cracks. You might get a guy who’s a free agent, or a guy in the eighth round, and end up being a hell of a football player; and you can still get a few today, but it’s not as common now as it was then.

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