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It should seem stunning that of all places this is where Bennett, a Pro Bowler in 2014 (he replaced an unavailable Gronk), has landed. The Patriots are a notoriously buttoned down organization. Perhaps hooded down is a better way to put it. Sargent as he address the crowd during the ceremony. Just behind them, l r, is Officers Michael Dowd on Justice, Michael DiVirgilio on Myra and Eric Dowd on Major. SENTINEL ENTERPRISE/JOHN LOVE.

Simms to studio CBS Sports has benched analyst Phil Simms (he now work in studio) and replaced him with former Cowboys QB Tony Romo. As one of the AFC best teams, the Steelers should draw CBS Jim Nantz Romo pairing somewhat consistently. While Nantz has his own problems, shaking things up and losing the unhelpful and wordy Simms should be good even if Romo has some rookie challenges..

Army Corps of Engineers initially estimated it could take 10 years to reach a decision on whether to allow the project’s construction. While the Corps cut that estimate in half, Louisiana congressional leaders furiously lobbied the Trump administration to prod the agencies into quicker action.Friday, Edwards announced an agreement that could shave the permitting review to less than two years, theoretically meaning a decision could come as early as August of 2019.”All of the federal agencies have committed to that time,” Edwards said.Smaller diversions already send fresh water from the Mississippi River into marsh, but Mid Barataria would dwarf them in size, funneling up to 70,000 cubic feet of fresh water, mud and sand into the bay.A similar project, Mid Breton, is planned for the east bank.Many commercial fishermen bitterly oppose the concept, fearing fresh water would spoil salt water or brackish fisheries and raising the possibility of a lawsuit if permits are granted. Marine Fisheries Service has raised questions about the effects on the hundreds of bottlenose dolphins that live in Barataria Bay.If federal agencies overlook something, a federal judge could hit the pause button.The governor argues the various federal agencies can save time by doing their work simultaneously instead of waiting on each other findings.”If you leave federal bureaucracies to do what they tend to do you will never speed up the process.

Suffice to say, Michigan won 9 3. Add to that the fact the Wolverines never got a first down or completed a pass and punted 24 times. Mix in the fact that the Buckeyes had just three first downs, passed for a total of 18 yards, rushed for 16 yards (11 fewer than UM) and punted 21 times, four of which were blocked..

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