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And DO NOT bring up Bennett a liar. Cop tells you to sit, you run, your ass is getting grounded. His life was in no more danger than anyone else who would have done the same. I love the fact that, I got great respect, I know Ryan’s got great respect, everybody in our building’s got great respect for Coach (Nick) Saban and the type of program that he runs down there. When you get football players from Alabama, their culture, their environment, we’re like minded in a lot of things and try to do a lot of things that they do down there with their guys and how they practice and how they train and how they prepare and how their guys have the mindset that we’re looking for. They’re just tough, gritty, selfless, really, really good football players that understand what it takes to win and they’ve won a ton.

Harris was first elected to the state Senate in 2012 after the Rev. James Meeks opted not to seek re election. Even prior to being sworn in, Harris launched a bid for Congress in a special election created by the resignation of Jesse Jackson Jr. Around the horn: Troy Merritt got off to a much better start this week at the CareerBuilders Challenge in La Quinta, CA. Merritt fired a four under 68 in the first round yesterday and is tied for 42nd. In women’s gymnastics, No.

Speaking to Congress last month, Powell said his outlook on the economy had strengthened since December, when the Fed policymakers collectively forecast three rate hikes for 2018, the same as in 2017. That comment helped send stocks tumbling because it suggested that the Fed might be about to accelerate the gradual pace it had pursued under his predecessor, Janet Yellen. More aggressive rate increases would likely slow the economy and make stocks less appealing..

Actor Boris Kodjoe is 43. Actor Freddie Prinze Jr. Is 40. The preparation and the knowledge were not enough to fend off the fatigue as the United States blew a two goal lead and lost a 3 2 stunner in overtime Wednesday night in the Olympic opener for both teams. Slovenia captain Jan Mursak scored the tying goal with 1:37 left in regulation and the winner 38 seconds into overtime. Started letting the game slip away with mistakes all over the ice..

“Make America Great Again” Joy VillaJoy Villa arrived at the Grammys in February wearing a white cloak she removed to reveal a Make America Great Again dress, designed by Andre Soriano, a Filipino immigrant. “Sometimes you just gotta be free to express yourself,” she tweeted that night. Finally out as a conservative, Villa, who earlier in the campaign supported Bernie Sanders before she says she was “red pilled” and learned to MAGA, released “Make America Great Again.”In Russia, Emin Agalarov is their Justin Timberlake.

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