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These guys should be given a week to try get all our sports programs back on track. What could we lose?So I have started to root for other teams. I like the Brett Favre story, so I will pull for the Jets. Government announced 56 sites that will be recognized as historic Japanese Canadian places, including Tashme. A highway legacy sign will be installed in a small park in the Sunshine Valley on Oct. 27.

How often does a tough/controversial call go against New England? It’s happened bur in a big game? Besides it’s not ALWAYS the calls that are made, but the ones NOT madeI’m NOT saying the NFL could help the Browns into a contender, but I can’t help but notice certain teams or players constantly getting the benefit of any doubt. Most time the patriots are so good that they would win anyway, but in the playoffs the NFL just wants to be sure. Did anyone think Jacksonville REALLY would win that game? A Jaguar vs Vikings SB would be a 10 7 affair and NO way does the NFL want ratings to dip below that magical level.

A homepage is not the place to include the full text of your announcements and press releases. Just include a teaser paragraph of each article on the homepage, with a link to the web page with the full text. If people want to read the full text, they can.

“My experience there is part of the reason that I am the actor, and the human, that I am today.” Future Shell Oil Executive VP ROXANNE DECYK earned dual degrees in English lit and advertising from the UI in 1973. But nothing the Bronze Tablet honoree experienced in the classroom matched what she heard here: “I still get goosebumps thinking about just strolling into Krannert Center as an undergraduate and listening to Alfred Brendel. He was at the U of I to record the Beethoven Piano Sonatas, as I recall.

“There’s something for everyone, and the great thing about it is that the kids are just kids,” said Maureen Spittler, who co founded the parade in 1983 with her husband, Jack. Launched 35 years ago with about 50 kids and three floats, the parade now has nearly 20 floats and nearly 300 kids. There’s even a Little Rascals ball the only formal ball children are allowed to attend.

The first quarter was barely over when Mariota and the Titans blew Winston’s Buccaneers apart. Mariota showed a poise and calmness that belied his inexperience en route to throwing four touchdowns in the first half an NFL record on debut as they ran out 42 14 winners. Mariota sat out the final quarter with the game in the bag, going 13/16 for 208 yards and a perfect 159.3 passer rating..

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