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AN OCTOPUS IS A REALLY INTELLIGENT CREATURE, THEY ABOUT AS SMART AS A TODDLER OR A DOG THAT YOU HAVE AT HOME. JUST TO BE SAFE, PERHAPS WE SHOULD GO CHECK WITH OUR DOGS AND TODDLERS, SEE WHAT THEY PREDICT. HOPEFULLY THAT PREDICTION WON COME TRUE. There’s no way all three teams will be approved to move to Los Angeles. Heck, it’s hard enough for the NFL to grant two moves. The Chargers are the league’s favorite to move, since they’ve given it the longest go of trying to make it work in San Diego, playing in a stadium built in 1967.

Sadly, they actually do. According to one report, the stadium the biggest bird killer in Minneapolis. There are actually ongoing conversations about how to make the design more birdly friendly since literally hundreds of them have lost their live smashing into the reflective exterior glass since the stadium opened in 2016.

Although Hawkes would not specifically describe how the truckers named were distracted in their driving, he appealed to sense. You have a transport truck that driving 105 km/h, and the traffic is stopped ahead of you and they plow into the rear of those vehicles I leave that to you to figure out what happening. Obviously, there something going on here.

Magnuson, a former four star recruit from California, redshirted as a true freshman in 2012 and then started seven games at guard the following year. He eventually moved to right tackle and was the Wolverines’ starter at that spot the last two seasons. Magnuson said versatility is a strength and that’s reinforced by feedback from NFL teams..

“A lot of people in general you read about concussions or hear the stories about stuff, but I don’t think anybody knows, for the fans for their pleasure what we actually put our bodies through each and every week. It’s crazy because people say mild concussion or whatever, but any type of concussion, when it comes to injury to the brain, it’s serious. That’s a vital organ.

The issue is the cost. Giving up next year No. 1 is like pushing all the chips to the middle on EJ Manuel. Winning isn’t everything. It’s the only thing which is especially true now that the NFL playoffs are here. If you lose, you start the offseason.

“It’s hard because for me, personally (because) I haven’t had a chance to meet him yet,” Gase said. “We’ll just kind go through our process and determine what we feel he fits for us and the right way for us to coach him and teach him and kind of make our own assessment of how we want to use him. It’s hard for me to say anything right now when I really don’t know, because I haven’t been around him.”.

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