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It is not uncommon for people to find themselves out of their cars just because their cars have been locked. There are many reasons behind this. One of the most common reasons behind this is that the cars have locked from inside. If no receiver they just stay in their zoned position and most times out of the play instead of getting into the play. It absolutely ridiculous!!! 8 defenders and still 500 yards over the air. TIME TO GET SOME REAL COACHES FOR DEFENSE RICH ROD!!!!!!! ROBINSON is a complete failure..

The events of last winter linger. After allowing his name to be discussed in a deal with the Denver Broncos that never happened indeed, allowing his representative to try and broker such a deal Kaepernick has some locker room chemistry to reformulate. His reputation and image within the NFL’s player fraternity depends on it..

Did anybody actually watch Tom Brady throw the football? He had a pretty unremarkable game. He threw for just 226 yards. His two longest passes one to Shane Vereen up the left sideline, one to Julian Edelman up the left seam were terribly underthrown, to the point where the receivers had to adjust like this:If there was an advantage for Brady, the quarterback had a funny way of showing it.

Plus, the Bucs relied heavily this season on rookies who will almost certainly play cleaner football in 2016. The problem with that assumption is that three of the four most penalized Bucs weren’t rookies. After committing four fouls in his rookie season, Mike Evans committed a whopping 10 in his sophomore season, four more than the next highest receiver.

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My takeThese lines? I guess after a loss that bad the coaching staff is willing to try anything. Because these lines qualify as “anything.” Maybe Oilers coach Todd McLellan was just trying to send a message and will go back to saner units against Calgary. But who knows? I can live with McDavid with Drake Caggiula, who at least is helping to now and then create dangerous scoring chances this year, but Anton Slepyshev? Slepyshev has been unable to get much done on the attack all year.

The Houston Texans will fall short on Sunday. It might seem odd to predict such an outcome, knowing that the Baltimore Ravens got their butts handed to them, to the tune of a 43 13 loss, in Texas last year. This matchup, however, is in Baltimore, which means the Texans can ill afford to sleepwalk through portions of it, as they did in their first two contests of the season.

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