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Itouston. And Dave Rob Green Bay; mldeae WMe Lanler Kansas Qty; corrwrbaek! Herb Addaky, Green Ray, and Jim Johnson. San Frandico; k Renbo, Dallas, and Dave Granon, Oak. His first win since last year, Harr said, it couldn have come at a better time. He been kind of feeling down in the dumps wrestling up with the big boys now in high school, so that was a huge win for him. Valley Dillon Covalt moved up to 285 and earned a 4 1 win over Sam Haines, who was filling in for the ill Trevor Mitchell.

Hey, John: The Browns can win some games in 2018 with good QB play, at least one more good receiver (providing Josh Gordon is still on the team), some premier defensive backs, and another pass rusher. It will largely depend on how well the quarterback plays, and if they can cut down dramatically on turnovers. The Browns are last in the NFL with a minus 21 turnover differential, which is a major reason they’re 0 13.

You have new storm water runoff issues than we had in the 1960s,” said Fabiani.Goldsmith said at Wednesday’s news conference that he was “baffled” by the remarks from Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani, and that no one believes they can guarantee that an environmental report can avoid litigation. Roberts added, “You can be sued no matter what you do.” Roberts went on to say that a “willing partner” is required to be successful in negotiations, and that officials have put forth numerous solutions to the Chargers’ demands. “Right now, it looks like the Chargers are running out the clock on us, and they aren’t leaving us a lot of options,” Roberts said.

Jackson, who sustained a sprained joint in his right shoulder during an Aug. 6 practice, missed all four of Washington’s preseason games. He returned to the practice field the week before the Dolphins game, but lasted just two offensive series last Sunday before sustaining a partial hamstring tear discovered in an MRI exam Monday.

Hey, Mary Kay: The whole year I’ve felt that the Browns have horribly mismanaged DeShone Kizer, setting him up to fail. There are numerous examples, but not providing a veteran mentor like Josh McCown, having a horrible receiver group and then making him pass much more than handing off, and Hue Jackson wavering greatly in his verbal support are just a few. Do you agree? And what’s changing so they wouldn’t do the same to whomever they draft with the top pick? Rich Smith, Columbus, Ohio.

“They understand that revenue impact better than anyone out there. Better than we do.”Every media entity questioning the wisdom of throwing down $200 million for Bleacher Report, notes Hall, is already co opting the tricks mastered by Bleacher Report. And it is very popular.

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