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Alexander Payne has a great idea with Downsizing (R) and doesn quite know what to do with it. Tight finances lead Paul and Audrey Safranek (Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig) to join a trend of shrunken families moving to shrunken communities where a little money goes a long, long way.Payne first 30 minutes are clever satire making fun use of oversized props and perspective shifts. We having fun learning about this wacky process from lab discovery to public awe then Neil Patrick Harris shilling an absurdly literal downsized community to prospects.Interesting ideas for allegory are broached: bias against short people, the cult of whatever new, money corrupting at any size.

Was a kid that was in a facility like this, so I understand, Ganther said. Of the biggest attributes that I have as a coach and as a person, is I have experience throughout life. I hope they can use me as much as possible. Everyone needs to pipe down and realize two things here: 1) this man didn’t say anything to these players, personally. 2) when last I checked, it was illegal to record one’s conversation without informing them that you are doing so. Do you know how many people in America think like Donald Sterling and their thoughts aren’t recorded and played for the world to hear? So what, the old bag Sterling felt threatened by the guys his younger girl friend was taking pics with.

At a reception where they meet young Canadians, including Olympic and Paralympic athletes, William is asked about his experiences playing rugby by a member of Canada women team. Wasn obviously, as good as you guys, William said, drawing laughs. Tried my best.

With gut wrenching honesty, he told the spellbound crowd that alcohol completely ran his life. His first thought of the day was, am I going to start drinking? times, he wake up at home and didn know how he got there or why he was covered in his own blood. On the road, he wake up on the floors of hotels and bathrooms and ask himself, happened to the innocent farm kid that he been? the 2013 Grey Cup in Regina, he got a letter from the Riders reprimanding him for his drunken behaviour.

The missed call from the Braves Pirates game was bad, and people will moan about it for weeks, maybe even months, but in time it will be forgotten. But even when it’s forgotten there will be another incident and the debate will continue anew. Until the MLB changes it’s ways or is dragged into the modern age kicking and screaming we will continue to see more incidents like last night..

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