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It was really good.”Mike Brown resigned with Jacksonville after catching 32 passes for 446 yards for two touch downs through eleven games and six starts.Brown says, ” I’m going against NFL defensive backs that have been playing defensive backs against professional guys since I was in middle school. Its definitely a very unique opportunity. It makes it very challenging.

3 point shot hasn really been our strong suit, but I never tell the guys they can shoot it, Fort Jennings coach Ryan Schroeder said. Only thing I wanted was shots coming from the inside to the outside. That the 3 pointers we got. Added defensive end Brandon Bair: “(Preparation has) been unbelievable. We haven’t missed a beat. I’ve got to give props to the coaches for having a team that is able to drag out practice and everything for over a month long, waiting for a game like this and not having a slip in the beat at all.

NFL HQ and owners cannot tell the players not to demonstrate or to protest because how the players, coaches and support staff conduct themselves during the presentation of the colors and the playing of the national anthem was not negotiated in the previous CBA. If it has not been negotiated, a procedure cannot be imposed, similar to the fact as to how much of your stocking has to be exposed was negotiated as was having your jersey tucked in. However, you can bet every possible contentious aspect having to do with pre and post game will be under a microscope for the next CBA.

Believe Rolo is capable of doing that with a new offense more aligned with the talent we have. Clueless Chow insisted on trying to put square pegs into his round hole and let his get in the way of doing things. Don think Matlin is going to let things get further out of hand, the way clueless Jay did look, UH is still suffering from his indecisions on Chow, Gib, and Trapasso.

The Seahawks may have no choice on Avril or Chancellor, both of whom may be forced to retire because of their neck injuries. But even among those who made it through the season in one piece there are questions, with both Bennett and Thomas voicing doubts following the season finale about whether the organization intends to keep them around another year. We could see a changing of the guard with Seattle defense this offseason..

Back then, there was no flu vaccine it wouldn’t arrive for decades. Today vaccination is the best protection, and Fauci never skips his. But at best, the seasonal vaccine is 60 percent effective. And now the computer picks River to beat Skyview. Odd. But, we’ll see.

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