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Having a web site means making constant updates. People want to know that the information they are reading is fresh and new. That being said you should include the last date the page was updated on all of the pages in your site. That, Goff’s inexperience, a new head coach in his first days on the job and the crowd factor will undoubtedly result in a simplified game plan for a Rams offense that is last in the league in points and yards. Expect the Seahawks to blitz with Wagner more than he did (meaning didn’t) last weekend at Green Bay. Expect ends Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril on stunts inside and out.

That’s Ed and Lorraine Warren, who’ve made a half century’s worth of headlines as honest to goodness ghostbusters not so much the wisecracking Bill Murray kind as the shit your pants spider walking Exorcist kind. They have performed thousands of paranormal investigations since founding the New England Society for Psychic Research in 1952 and were long considered the go to experts on demonology, a field in which we imagine there isn’t much competition. But what’s the big deal, it’s all just fun and games, right? Who cares if these people go around selling Hollywood fake ghost stories?Especially ones that are exactly one rubber mask away from being Scooby Doo episodes..

The Golden Jet and his silver brother have impressive totals in the NHL with more than 2,000 games played combined. Bobby Hull finished with more than 1,100 points and that not counting the seven seasons he spent in the WHA with the Winnipeg Jets where he racked up an additional 600 something. Brett was the more prolific of the two, earning several Art Ross Trophies, a couple of Harts and even a Lady Byng, but Dennis had himself a career as well, even if he did play most of it in his brother shadow, playing in multiple All Star Games and scoring 20 goals seven times..

As soon as he started throwing, he was on target with everything comebacks, takeoffs, down the middle post patterns, square ins. I had him take three step, five step, seven step drops, and he put the ball right there. He was a little awkward on the delivery, said Seiple.

It’s hard to pin down what French director Jacques Audiard’s latest film is really about. In “Rust and Bone,” Audiard responsible for cross Atlantic critical hits like “A Prophet” (2009) and “The Beat That My Heart Skipped” (2005) continues to temper abrasive, woebegone characters with his trademark style that lies between the aggressive and the poetic, a style that made his previous features all the more vivid and resonating. Like that of Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (“21 Grams”), Audiard’s lugubrious style makes one wonder whether he intends to throw miserablism at his audience just to see how much they can endure.

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