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If the movement to elect Ellis had its origins among Sanders’ DNC delegates, Ellis’ crossover appeal shattered any simple Bernie vs. Hillary assumptions. Chants of “Bernie!” became a rallying cry among Ellis supporters many of whom had war stories about volunteering for his campaign but Ellis herself had, in fact, endorsed Clinton.

A turnaround in the farm economy “would kick start demand to an even greater extent,” said Matt Arnold, an analyst with Edward Jones Co. In St. Louis. Right now, it probably makes great business sense. The NHL has rebounded from the lockout with a series of marketing and advertising ventures that have increased sponsorship as well as popularity. It introduced the yearly “Winter Classic,” a New Year’s Day game played outdoors at historic venues such as Boston’s Fenway Park and Chicago’s Wrigley Field, and the 2009 edition drew the largest TV audience for a regular season hockey game in 34 years.

What changed? The hired a smart and resourceful coach that created a winning tradition that flushed the program with money and made the school very desirable place for blue chip recruits to attend. When the original coach left they hired another smart and resourceful coach that carried on that winning tradition. They had some bumps in the road like not winning as much last year but still their bad years are not nearly as bad as UH or now Fresno State.

Jim Harbaugh on the other hand will have the added stress and decision making burden of what to do between the Ravens’ 30 and 40 yard line. Most teams have the luxury of automatically pulling the trigger on a field goal of 50 yards of less when playing indoors. However, after Akers goal post rattling miss last Sunday, you have to wonder if Jim Harbaugh will opt for a 48 yard FG attempt of go for it on 4th and 3 from the Raven 31? I think he goes for the first down, which keeps the clock moving and does not guarantee points on the board..

He said several GOP lawmakers who are doctors got off the train to assist, including Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R Ohio, who was also at last June’s shooting of Republicans at a baseball practice in nearby Alexandria, Virginia, and treated some of the victims.Another lawmaker, Rep.”Oh, Jesus. Sorry about that; we hit a bump here,” he told AM 1100 The Flag, a station in Fargo, North Dakota.

First, it UM. Second, people criticize Brady Hoke all they want, but the fact is he turned 2 TERRIBLE teams around very quickly. Teams that have nowhere near the level of resources Urban Meyer is used to. Wow, in light of this information with the Ivy League letter head (so elusive to find sometimes), I sit stupified as to how my misunderstanding came to be or pehaps it was a change in the rules somewhere along the way. Hey, maybe they are allowing those athletic scholaships after all. Can you find anything on that? Okay, you have changed my view so thank you for that.

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