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It was a patently unfair process to the Patriots, but at the time, Jones was too busy heaping praise and adoration on Goodell for doing such a wonderful job. After showing an initial willingness to fight the league, Kraft eventually felt he had no choice but to accept the punishment.And this week, with Elliott officially dropping his appeal despite his proclamations of innocence, Goodell and the NFL have won another battle despite a lack of evidence and some reported behind the scenes assurances.Jones remains upset, but regardless of what he threatened back in August, the road map for him to win any of these battles remains foggy.One thing, though, seems safe to assume: Jones won be getting any friendly advice from Kraft.Behavior detrimental to the League? [g]. Why hasn Goodell been hit with that one many times over? Or ColinK can they sue him for behavior detrimental to the League?Seriously, I don have a high opinion of some of the things I have heard he has said and decisions he made, but I always happy to see someone attempt to get Goodell out of the NFL.

The lifestyle turned out to be fleeting. Besetby financial problems and poor health, Lanespent his final years in an assisted living facilityin Austin, Texas. Even though he had threesons in three cities and two ex wives(Washington died in 1963), his caretaker was aretired construction engineer he met on thegolf course..

This type of scenario, which is not uncommon, is an occupational health and safety issue that requires further regulation. The league will fine players for spearing and for roughing the passer but it has not fined coaches, trainers and team doctors for flagrant violations of the concussion protocol. Nor has it penalized owners for countenancing health and safety violations..

The mix of precipitation will continue Thursday night, before changing to all snow by Friday morning. Some snow accumulations are possible Thursday night, especially north of Madison. Friday will be windy and colder with occasional light snow. The Broncos appear to be lost on offense and who will play quarterback in the playoffs. The Bengals lost their starting QB, most likely for the remainder of the year. As of now the Steelers, Jets and Chiefs all have great shots to advance in the playoffs.

He political system in Paraguay is undergoing some major turmoil right now following the forced impeachment of former President Fernando Lugo, a “left of center” politician democratically voted into office by the people of Paraguay back in 2008. And among those who initiated and brought about this controversial coup was multinational biotechnology giant Monsanto, which was apparently threatened by Lugo’s resistance against the company’s genetically modified (GM) crop agenda. Embassy and transnational corporations that have established a powerful stronghold in the country.

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