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Felt so awesome to have everybody there going through all the emotions with us in the crowd. It fun to make your last shot, that for sure. We needed that win, a huge win for us. 1914: William Laubach laid to rest: The funeral of William Laubach, head of the dry goods corporation of William Laubach Sons, was held at 3 o’clock this afternoon from his late home, Second and Ferry streets, and was largely attended by relatives and the leading men of Easton. There was a wealth of floral tributes. The services were conducted by the Rev.

At least two of those officers, including Williams, have been suspended with pay. The other officer, Const. Achille Currado, 47, was charged with obstructing justice, breach of trust and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence. They set a goal of reaching .500 (17 17 2) by the break. They did it. Suddenly, the playoffs looked remarkably reachable.

Play because I love the game. I love hitting people, he writes. A rush you get when you go out on the field, lay everything on the line and physically dominate the player across from you. I’m not a huge movie nerd. I mean, I love movies, but I try to remember they’re just entertainment. That’s why I swore long ago to never let a bad movie fill me with all consuming, day ruining rage.

A true multi purpose threat, Charles returned the opening kickoff for a 97 yard TD in a 27 24 OT win vs. Pittsburgh (11/22), earning him AFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors. In addition to 36 kickoff returns for 925 yards (25.7 avg.) and one TD, he added 40 receptions for 297 yards and one score for Kansas City in 2009.

Last April, a customer of Sarasota computer graphics company Razworks went online and began to rant about a dispute with the company owner.More and more people are using the Internet to research companies and to post reviews praise or grievances, justly or unjustly that can reach potential customers on a wide scale.But few realize it could cost them, as more businesses use lawsuits to fight back, says Marc Randazza, a Las Vegas attorney who defends online defamation cases in Florida and across the nation.”The day you get served with a defamation suit, whether you’re right or wrong, you just lost $20,000 minimum,” Randazza said. “Most defamation defendants are blindsided by it.”Defamation suits to silence online critics have increased in Florida since 2008, when a Florida Supreme Court ruling and a lack of a law protecting consumers makes suits harder and more costly to defend, Randazza said.In the Sarasota case, Rassel says the rants against him are flat out wrong, an attempt from the customer to pressure him into doing extra work for free.But Rassel also says the one man’s reviews are killing business for him a 70 percent drop in income.”They see something like this on the first page of Google, they’re gone, they’re not even going to give me a second thought,” Rassel said.The impact was immediate, Rassel says. Potential clients started disappearing, clients that were lined up prior to the rant suddenly changed their mind.”My business has been violated,” Rassel said.

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