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Jones has made an early impact before, catching a 30 yard TD pass for the Colts in last year’s Hall of Fame Game against Washington on Aug. 3. But he’s yet to see that translate in a regular season roster spot, and he doesn’t know what kind of impression he’s made in Arizona..

Brady threw those five passes in the second quarter and the Patriots built the biggest halftime lead in league history, 45 0. The six touchdown throws tied Brady own Patriots record. And the 59 point margin matched the largest since the NFL AFL merger in 1970, the Los Angeles Rams 59 0 win over the Atlanta Falcons in 1976.

Baltimore is fading. It will be interesting to see what happens to New England down the stretch. I think the Dolphins are creeping up there. Think that was another thing that shocked me a little bit when I started this job, was to see that while the vast majority of people in Vancouver and across the country support their police departments and support their police officers, there is a fairly large group of individuals that have a true distaste for police. A lot of that has to do with how they grown up and been part of the system, having been in and out of jail all their lives. Isn sure if that hatred will ever go away, but he explains they try to show their side whenever possible by using tools like social media..

He was an eager friend and motivated learner from his early years, involved in sports and student government. Sherm, his dad and three brothers (and their “extra” little brother, Gifford Nielsen) were always ready for a pick up game of ball in the Smith family backyard. He loved his time as co captain of the football team and as SBO president at BY High.

We provide more than 4 hours per day of top quality Heartland News and First Alert weather coverage. All of that comes at a cost, and those costs increase over time. In fact the cost of our network programming has more than doubled every year on average for the last three years.We are asking DirecTV to cover their fair share of those increases, like any business would, since our last deal with them is three years old.

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