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“A lot of it was just keeping myself physically fit, there wasn’t a whole lot of extra stuff that I had to do, other than learning how to do that on a fake leg. You lose a lot of sensitivity that you have with your feet touching the ground and stuff like that. And a lot of it was mental more than anything,” Rendon said..

KYLA: MOSTLY CLEAR ON THE INTERSTATES. WE HAVE SOME CLOSURES, MOSTLY ALON KLUBER PARKWAY. WE WILL CHECK IN WITH AMANDA KELLY IN A MOMENT. “Form and technique, you can tell it’s not the most important thing because Ike doesn’t run like an Olympic sprinter,” Shaw said. “The key to Ike’s success is his speed. Ike runs like a football player who is fast.

“I feel great,” said Diehl, 32, who made the Pro Bowl in 2009. “Once I had the knee surgery, I was here ever since, working and training hard to get back to top shape, doing what I can to feel right again. It’s only the fourth day, but it looks as if all the hard work has paid off..

Anheuser Busch Love ad, developed by the agency Anomaly, was voted the top commercial during the game by viewers on Hulu. It also earned the top spot on USA Today Ad Meter, which is calculated through online surveys of Super Bowl viewers each year. The spot is also dominating the other ads on YouTube, where it has racked up more than 37 million views since Wednesday, and it easily lapping the other ads in terms of social activity, according to media metrics firm iSpot..

You give a guy who has that much talent, a hole and an opportunity to run, you know he’s going to do good things, Watkins said. Offensive line, we were clicking in the run game, and it’s good to see he was able to get through those holes like that. Moss and Chad Hall might be fighting for the last wide receiver spot; Hall shakiness on punt returns did not help his cause..

Inevitably, that would mean his ranking would suffer, but that’s a sacrifice he seems willing to make. After six years in the Top 2, Rafa said recently, being something like No. 6 doesn’t worry him. A tree fell on a car in the Seattle suburb of Renton, killing the woman, who was in her 30s, and critically injuring her sister, according to the King County Sheriff Office. A 2 year old child who was in the backseat was OK, the sheriff office said.The National Weather Service weather service issued a high wind warning Monday and said many areas were seeing gusts topping 60 mph with even stronger winds on the coast and in north central and northeastern Washington.A 15 year old girl was seriously injured after a tree came through the roof of her bedroom and trapped her under debris inside a mobile home in Port Orchard, the Kitsap County Sheriff Office said. It highly likely that the tree toppled due to strong winds and heavy rain that has been permeating the area in the last day, the sheriff office said..

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