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Youth leagues also don’t have the resources college or NFL players have, but local youth area leagues are vigilant about ensuring equipment is up to the highest standards, referees and coaches are trained to recognize concussions, and players are trained to tackle properly. “Any head injury, any back injury is serious. We always air to the side of caution: if we have any question, we call an ambulance.

It a complete and total joke that the San Diego Chargers don have Joey Bosa, the third overall pick in the draft, under contract with just a few days to go until pre season action starts. Bosa is the only player selected in the draft that doesn have a contract done yet. This is the longest holdout since the current CBA went into effect in 2011, and the last rookie to have a longer holdout was current Raider and former 49er Michael Crabtree.

Those officials were not punished in any way because who cares, right?)And the most recent blunder came Monday night in Foxboro, when line judge Gary Arthur inexplicably blew his whistle because he lost sight of the football? That an outstanding excuse, really. We need more officials who are brave enough to blow their whistle as soon as they can see the pigskin. That what officiating is all about!While the impact of that gaffe has somehow turned into an idiotic Twitter debate that only ever been surpassed by the great Halloween Candy Power Rankings that spring up every October, the embarrassment for referee Gene Steratore and, by extension, the NFL was apparent immediately.

Glad this is happening and that you are on staff. Historical perspective and stories were needed on the site. Too much Packers lore that isn’t shared anymore! My question: There was a rumor that during the early 1970s when the Packers were experiencing some down years, a fan shot Coach Dan Devine’s dog due to too much losing.

It’s my last ride too. Next year, I may watch. I may not. But here’s one manbreathing into an instrument, and the whole room feels alive. It made me want to rise up to that level when I came back onstage.” Prince, Rolling Stone, 5/27/04World renowned saxophonist Mike Phillips is known as one of the most electrifying instrumentalists today. I was thinking ‘Wow, listen to those people responding, and all he’s doing is playing a saxophone.’ They can feel that what he’s doing is real.

As participants go through testing, coaches, staff, scouts and former players will join “Inside ProDayBU” to breakdown each participant’s performance. The stream will show players as they are measured, weighed and then go through performance testing. “Inside ProDayBU” will close with interviews with select Pro Day participants.

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