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Navy regulations are clear on standing during the anthem, in or out of uniform: the National Anthem is played, all naval service personnel not in formation shall stand at attention and face the national ensign,” the regulations state. “In the event that the national ensign is not displayed, they shall face the source of the music. Sailors not in uniform will face the flag, stand at attention, and place the right hand over the heart.”.

Not only have the Redskins slumped from their 10 6 playoff season of last year, but there has been increased tension between quarterback Robert Griffin III and the head coach. Shanahan took heat for playing RG3 on a shaky knee in the playoffs last year, only to see the QB get hurt worse and require major surgery. RG3, struggling in Year Two, called his own offense predictable after the ugly loss to Philadelphia two weeks ago..

He may have suffered nerve damage that could be career ending, too. We’ll see. He’s rehabilitating with the Cowboys.. That includes the Divisional Round against a tough Steelers run D (17 touches, 83 yards, TD).The Pats’ success against the resurgent runner will be improved if defensive end Chandler Jones and linebacker Jamie Collins play. Both are “questionable” and limited at practice, but nearly half the team was “limited” in the injury report. The Patriots are notorious for this, Tom Brady was “probable” every week on the injury report his first seven seasons or so.WRs Julian Edelman (“limited”) and Danny Amendola (“limited”) will use their shiftiness to get open against the Broncos.

Across the board people are idiots with social media. Big Brother doesn’t need to do much to know one’s every move and thought anymore, most folks put it out there on a silver platter for them these days. Why people feel compelled to let every Tom, Dick, and Harry know their every move and thought is beyond me.

Jesse Kroger, Harrisburg; 10. Dale Furby, Sioux Falls; 11. Donald Gerritsen Jr, Rock Rapids, Iowa; 12. There’s a chance that the Giants could open up their search if they were underwhelmed by the interview process or their favorite lands elsewhere. Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz would likely become a candidate if the search broadens. There are no more interviews scheduled, so the process should gain some clarity in the coming days..

Becker said in a release that have been some of the most difficult days of my 19 years with the Panthers. She added that her immediate focus will be on corporate side of the organization, addressing the real concerns that have been raised in recent days. Meanwhile, stepped away from daily responsibilities to focus on the sale of the team which will come with a multi billion dollar price tag..

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