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Knowing that thousands of people would be tuned in to hear the words of this icon on this important day in sports history, Ray chose not to be seen as the awesome Ravens player that he is, but rather as a soldier of God. 31). It’s bad enough to take up so much space in the Sports section but when his big mug is plastered on the front page, well that’s quite overdoing it for me.

Kiley Mansfield, Pleasant Valley High The senior was an all Northern Section player in three sports in her junior year. She’s well on her way on repeating the feat again. She was named the section’s Most Valuable Player in volleyball. Brown finished fifth in the women race at the world championships, after earning three World Cup medals and scoring fourth place results in a pair of World Triathlon Series competitions. Gatineau Alexis Lepage, who won a CAMTRI sprint triathlon premium American Cup race in Ottawa, was named to the men team. Swimmer Eli Wall of Ottawa and wrestler Erica Wiebe also have qualified for the Commonwealth Games.

You good at hockey but what else? For most us, it not much, so you have to go and learn a skill, check your ego at the door, said fellow board member Joseph. I finished playing, I had a big house in St. Albert but had a family of five and got a job making $40,000 as a firefighter rookie.

By Jason Belk bio email”We offering these units for sale this weekend on the 9th and the 10th, which is Friday and Saturday in a public auction,” said Robert Kite, who owns all of the trailers.Kite purchased the trailers from the government and will sell each of them this weekend to the highest bidder.The rows and rows of trailers may be a temporary eyesore for the city of DeRidder, but there are some benefits to the auction being held.”It brings into the economy a fusion of money that it would not generate unless this happened,” said Kite.”All the motels are full right now, which brings people into the restaurants so they getting a lot of business, all the fuel that sold. And it exposes our fair city to a lot of people from the outside,” said Allen Shellenbarger, the Director of DeRidder Public Works Department.Besides the economic boom, the city of DeRidder may see only a small portion of sales from the trailers this weekend.”The city doesn make any money off these trailers, unless the purchaser is already a resident of the city,” said Shellenbarger.For those that would rather the trailers were gone, they won be around too long either.”These units here will be sold this weekend, and by this time next weekend all of these units will be delivered,” said Kite, “People will pick them up as they buy them and move them out within seven days after they are purchased.”The trailer invasion in DeRidder fairgrounds will be gone as quickly as it came. The United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Virginia released that Wallace Grove Godwin, 69, made the threat to Congressman Scott Taylor during a marijuana policy discussion.

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