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Though the Cowboys seem to make you sweat every time you pick them, they are reasonable as a home underdog, going 24 10 vs. The spread in that situation since 1990 While there isn a lot to love about either the Titans or the Colts this year, Tennessee is a 31/2 point home favourite this week. Probable reason? The Colts have not won a road game since 2010 and their two away from their home dome this season have resulted in combined losses of more than 40 points The Titans, meanwhile, are favoured for the first time this season after back to back nailbiter wins over the Steelers and Bills Why are the Browns just 21/2 point over San Diego this week? Home field accounts for part of it as does the Chargers ridiculous collapse against Denver last time out.

According to the physics of the Mission Impossible universe, jumping from an explosion involves surfing the shock wave. Tom Cruise is literally getting a little push from the inferno behind him, conveniently allowing him to reach a safe place more quickly. This also happens in the Die Hard franchise whenever John McClane has to leave a place in a hurry.

Bottom line: Quinn’s plan upon arrival was clearly to retool the trenches, as he went after that area with his first three draft picks. His lone big money acquisition in free agency, Jones, didn’t quite live up to the billing, but he was productive. Quinn found a number of starters at lower rates and is taking 19 of his 53 active players into free agency.

Phenomenalplay. We had some of those. Our fans have seen us come up with those kindof plays over the years. He refused to accept defeat from an opponent or an injury. During a game at Buffalo he suffered a blow to the head that prevented him from standing upright on his own. He refused to leave the field, though, relying on teammates to hold him up until they broke the huddle for the next play.”When Jeff Hostetler, our quarterback, called the play, I would turn to a buddy and ask, ‘Is that a run or a pass?’ ” Wisniewski said.

Toggle navigation MENTOR The National Mentoring PartnershipFor nearly 25 years, Boisi and Russell have championed mentoring as a critical component of youth development. Their unwavering commitment to the issue helped to create a movement and has led to wide public, private and civic support of mentoring. The experiences of young people, as reported in a recentnationally representative survey, validate their efforts to create more quality youth mentoring opportunities for example, at risk youth who had a mentor are 55 percent more likely to be enrolled in college or other post secondary schooling than those who grew up without a mentor.

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