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“We have eight days left to kind of get everything on our end in place and as you can see, this whole place will look different come the 26th. So once we get these trainings finalized and all the uniforms out here, it’s kind of go time. We have about 48 hours to flip this place and get it ready for action,” Snyder said..

That not the wind coming off of Lake Erie. That a collective sigh of relief after the Browns dodged the infamy of a 0 16 season with their victory over the Chargers last week. Don expect a repeat performance even with the current situations that both teams are in.

“All the Raiders fans my age, no way you can do it,” said Ivan Davis, a fan of the team for a half century. “Anyone who lived through the first one will not support them. The older Raiders fans, you lost them forever. But then there aren too many major airline executives quite like Southwest Airlines Colleen Barrett, 63, who rose from legal secretary to the front of the corporate suite over a span of 23 years. It was Barrett, working closely with mentor and company co founder Herb Kelleher, who pioneered Southwest unusual and now legendary approach to customer service, which aims to treat the company 35,000 employees like family, to make the workplace fun and then to carry that upbeat attitude to consumers. It a strategy that has made an upstart discount carrier into America busiest airline by passenger volume..

We were having conversations earlier today about some of the subtle, well meaning biases men and women have about women and how to see those as being a friction in the system that if we can overcome it, can enable business to be more successful. While all the analysts out there will say we have not necessarily proven causation it is an awfully big coincidence that more diverse companies have higher returns, lower volatility, lower risk, more client focus, more innovation. Diverse leadership teams out perform smarter, more capable leadership teams.

“He’s one of those guys that can make a difference in a game instantly,” said receiver Russell Shepard, a college teammate of Holliday’s at LSU. “All he needs is one touch. A lot of guys around here say (former Bucs RB Jeff) Demps is the fastest guy they’ve played with, but Trindon is the fastest I’ve ever played with.

2. Taylor made offense. Fred Taylor made life easy for Brunell and the Jaguars offense. In an eight month period from Oct. 30 to July 1, the Philippines led the way in the international rankings of Cavs app downloads and engagements. Israel, Australia, Germany and Brazil rounded out the top five.

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