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Generations of local fans have been conditioned to expect the worst when hearing of a star athlete or team wanting to go elsewhere. Few cities can match our scar tissue Art Modell takes the Browns to Baltimore; LeBron spurns the Cavs for Miami; Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez and Albert Belle leave the Indians for free agent riches. Dan Reeves choice to transfer his franchise from Cleveland to the West Coast represents the rarest of moves one that benefited all parties..

George had nearly as many interceptions (18) and fumble recoveries (17) as Urlacher and more than Singletary (7 and 12). George played 159 games, 40 more than Butkus, 23 fewer than Urlacher and 20 fewer than Singletary. George played in two championship games, losing in 1956 and winning in 1963.

Buccigross then responded, all is ok. I cancelled everything just in case you hollered. Bourbon and Oreos tonight. Riley hid prizes for Eli to find in a hunt in his office after Thursday practice. Kate, incidentally, is expecting her first child with Mark Dillon, whom she wed in July. Gunderson, Nebraska director of player personnel, and Hillary O the assistant director of football operations, will wed next July in Bend.

This newspaper and other local media were all over the Carson Is Off The Market story, in part because Wentz put the big news on social media. So he’s not innocent here, either. And the article proved to be popular online, trending as one of our most read stories for the better part of three days..

Two National Championships? Coaching against Urb is a big step up from SDSU and Ball State for the jokester. It would not surprise me if Urb embarrassed the jokester down the road and knowing the Urbs flair for running it up he will take great pride in rubbing Mr. Jokes face in it.

And what is it that the student fees going to IA do? They subsidize the costs of going to the events. Students only pay $100 dollars for SEASON TICKETS to Football and Basketball, where they get the BEST SEATS AVAILABLE! All other games/matches/meets are free to students. In the years spent at memorial there average 6,000 students in the stands.

Former President Bush, 92, tossed the coin in his adopted hometown of Houston, just days after being released from the hospital where he was treated for complications from pneumonia. The 41st President has some experience tossing Super Bowl coins. In 2002, he became the first former commander in chief to flip a coin at the big game..

The NFL and its boosters portray the league as the ultimate job creator. Smith College economics professor Andrew Zimbalist and his colleagues have long argued that the “economic impact” studies commissioned by the NFL and its potential host cities to drum up support for new stadiums are essentially propaganda. He and 16 collaborators compared the economies of cities with new stadiums with those of cities that invested in other forms of economic development.

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