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On the day after Christmas in 1960, though, the Big Game was only so big. It was not played in some balmy city with two weeks of walk up hype; the team with the best division record served as host. The Eastern Division Eagles didn have their own stadium; they were tenants at Penn Franklin Field.

Close to one in five teens have been diagnosed with a concussion, according to a new study looking at the prevalence of concussions among young people. Students in grades 8, 10, and 12 and asked them, you ever had a head injury that was diagnosed as a concussion? The researchers found that nearly 20% of adolescents said they had been diagnosed with at least one concussion and 5.5% said they had been diagnosed with more than one. The report is one of the first to survey teens about whether they had a concussion.

Here we go. It’s the final weekend of the prep football regular season and we’ll have the latest for you here at The Buzz. There are 15 games on the area slate tonight. The Eagles have first year coach Chip Kelly heading to Lambeau off a road win. Lambeau isn Oakland. In fact, much is made of Philly road record, but the only time the Eagles faced a winning team, they were smoked 52 20 in Denver.

Originally formed as the provincial museum in 1906, the RSM vision has evolved to work towards society wherein our natural and cultural heritage is understood and appreciated. Galleries of beautifully presented exhibits include a focus on life sciences, earth sciences (including dinosaurs and fossils) and First Nations. Don miss a visit with the half sized robotic Tyrannosaurus rex that lives outside the museum theatre..

Underlying these concerns about individual privacy is the speed with which Internet technology has moved into everyday life over the last decade or two. Fifteen years ago, the Internet was a novelty used by relatively few people; today it is used by millions to search for information, buy goods and services, and join in discussions. Rapidly evolving technology has given companies a tremendous and growing ability to collect, store and analyze vast amounts of data from these consumers..

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