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“I never really knew Vince Lombardi, so I would have a hard time commenting on that,” Belichick said. “But what Paul Brown did when he was coaching in the ’40s, ’50s and early ’60s, people who I’ve talked to who were with him at that time, played for him at that time, say what he did today was very similar in terms of our preparation, practice schedules, practice drills, zone breakdowns, game planning. What Coach Brown did 60 years ago is pretty similar to what we do today.”.

Most of the suspense still surrounds Senators captain and star defenceman Erik Karlsson, who has one more year on his current deal but may be seeking more than Ottawa is ready to pay when his contract expires in 2019. Any move involving the two time Norris Trophy winner would require a massive return in draft picks and players or prospects. EST..

“This is our team,” said Prescott, who is fourth in the NFL in passer rating with 14 touchdowns and two interceptions. “I said that two minutes ago and I’ll say it again. Everybody plays a part in our success in what’s happened and they’ll play a part in the adversity that comes.”.

How did the players themselves feel about this predicament shortly after loss number 15? “This is one big nightmare,” Dominic Raiola, the center, said. “You want it to end, but it hasn’t yet.” “Awful, embarrassing,” was how Dan Orlovsky, the Lions quarterback, described Sunday’s thrashing in a half empty stadium by a Saints team with nothing to play for. Rod Marinelli, the Detroit head coach, said: “We were outplayed in every area of the game: kicking, offense, defense.” His comment on the 0 15 record? “I’ll let that speak for itself.”.

Mike Singletary was the beginning of the resurgent 49’ers that you see today. Alas what he is most known for during his tenure was dropping his drawers as a motivational tactic. Samurai Mike will always be remembered for the intensity and leadership that he provided the Bears during this decade..

The New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said the resolution was a solution as he walked out of the special one day meeting in Houston with Arthur Blank of the Atlanta Falcons. Has longed for a return to the area, where several Super Bowls have been played. But taxpayers apprehension on financing stadiums or difficulties acquiring suitable sites have stymied previous efforts to put a team there.

“More importantly, I can’t thank him enough for the role he played in the shaping the lives of so many young men who came through our program. To his core, Bobby Jack Wright defined what it means to be a football coach in so many ways. On behalf of Carol and our family, we wish Bobby Jack, his wife, Bee, and their family the very best.”.

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