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Einstein had it. Jesus had it. Buddha had it. 3. Lack of exercise: regular exercise, at any age, keeps muscles toned and blood flowing. It also requires that you consume more water, (exercise hopefully makes you thirsty) and more water cleanses and hydrates the cells, potentially keeping them from drying out as fast.

At least one of them doesn’t. Seahawks Pro Bowl defensive end Cliff Avril was a rookie with those sad sack Lions eight years ago. He wouldn’t wish 0 16 on a rival offensive lineman. Hill has had what seems to be a relatively wonderful life in comparison with many stars in a league where players routinely cuss out and head butt referees. Firm the “Michael Jordan of mothers” according to Hill. Janet Hill set the tone for her son’s stardom: “She taught me to give it my best efforts, and not be satisfied unless it was my best.” It’s a far cry from the childhood of, say, ex Piston and reigning NBA troublemaker Dennis Rodman, who was left by his father when he was three and raised in a single parent household..

The Redskins announced yesterday they are ending their longtime association with WMAL Radio and will shift the broadcast of their games to a new, all sports station called WTEM, which will start broadcasting in April. It will replace WGMS, which had a classical music format. The new station outbid WMAL and several other stations for the rights in the belief that the Redskins games will give the all sports station a boost..

By Brandon RichardsLAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) Three routine traffic stops on Interstate 10 over the last week netted more than three thousand prescription pills and approximately 120lbs. Of marijuana, according to the Combined Anti Drug Task Force (CAT).The first traffic stop occurred on October 25th near mile marker 34. After getting permission to search the vehicle a CAT team officer arrested Sylvinnia Moore, 28, and Samantha Lewis, 21, both from Mobile, Alabama.

The plan, says co founder Mike Anderson, is to showcase the best of the best, and to provide a level of football instruction and competition that has traditionally been reserved for youth basketball in Maryland. He says the league will complement area youth football programs that traditionally are run in the what the leagues do in the fall, Anderson said. Focus on all football players regardless of weight, regardless of age, regardless of talent level.

Tight end is not a position of value in this draft, although the arrival of two juniors, Greg Olsen Jr. Of Miami and Zach Miller of Arizona State, at least makes it respectable. Olsen has a shot at the first round, and many mock drafts have him going to the New York Jets..

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