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In the annual vote. Voted “no,” close ally Israel was the only country to join in opposition, leading to a 191 2 vote to condemn the embargo the highest number of votes ever for the measure. In voting “no.”. Whether it’s your business, your relationships, a project, health, whatever. It’s living life “all in” without reservations. My first experience of letting go was in performance and dance, which is why I love it so much.

Westminster Police Chief Salvatore Albert speaks after Representative Lewis Evangelidis, left, filed the “Jupin’s Law,” which would change the Commonwealth’s insanity defense laws, Thursday in front of the Worcester District Court with members of the Westminster Police Department, District Attorney Joseph D. Early, and Senator Jennifer Flanagan standing behind. This comes after Jason Rivers of Fitchburg was found not guilty by reason of insanity on September 1, 2009 after the shooting Officer Lawrence Jupin of the Westminster Police Department on May 10, 1999, who eventually died in November of 2002 from brain damage suffered as a result of being shot..

Demint has been an integral part of Pinellas Park’s defense ever since he was called up to the varsity as a freshman for the season’s final few games. He started all 12 games his sophomore year and all 11 last season. If everything goes right this fall, he’ll play at least 10 games and finish his career with nearly 35 played at Pinellas Park..

Calling all snow bunnies! Just a three hour drive from the DMV area is Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania. No matter what level skier you are, you’ll have a great time at this activity filled vacation spot. Before you pack up your equipment and hit the slopes, check out these tips for a great weekend..

His season at tight end prepared him for the 2015 NFL Draft process. NFL teams often do not have the patience for developmental players. Roster limits of 53 players, less than half the size of college football rosters, lead to consistent turnover at the bottom of the roster.

Chiefs will be the very popular choice to walk away with this one. After a mid season swoon, they rediscovered their early form by winning their last five games. Their offence is again clicking on all cylinders, and while Alex Smith was rested last Sunday, Kareem Hunt, the NFL rushing king, was sat down after just one 35 yard carry..

They don’t want to talk about the fact we spent $14 million, 13 underpasses in Moorhead on a healthcare website that’s been a disaster. You can’t go to an insurance broker anymore, because they’ve dropped that incentive as well. We have got to do something now..

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