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He died five days after being acquitted in a separate double slaying in 2012.Lawyers for Hernandez had argued that the state’s highest court had applied the legal doctrine “without exception,” even in cases of suicide. They said his conviction wasn’t considered final because the automatic appeal he was entitled to have not been heard at the time of his death.Prosecutor Patrick Bomberg had argued that Hernandez “should not be able to accomplish in death what he could not accomplish in life.”But Garsh rejected the argument that Hernandez had forfeited his right to appeal by taking his own life, saying no one can ever know for sure why Hernandez killed himself.Hernandez’s appellate attorney, John Thompson, told reporters after the hearing that he believes it’s still uncertain as to whether Hernandez took his own life.Thompson says he has recent correspondence from Hernandez in which he was interested in pursuing an appeal of his conviction. Thompson also said because Hernandez died in prison, it will be difficult to definitively determine how he died.Hernandez’s lead attorney in his recent double murder trial, Jose Baez, has pledged to do an independent investigation into his death.State police said in an investigative report that Hernandez was found naked on April 19 and hanging from a bed sheet tied around the window bars of his cell.

But as long as the Los Angeles option remained open, there was always speculation that Davis might shift gears. Option would be open to the Raiders. Now, it won be.. North America, you always hear of some site going down [during Cyber Monday]. But in China there are four to five times the number of shoppers and bigger traffic volume than us yet it is possible to keep the sites up. Retailers, she adds, would be well advised to use the months leading up to Cyber Monday to test the infrastructure of their ecommerce websites..

In the end, there was only one winner, and I sorry to say it was Blue Springs. But, I was not there just for the football game. Being a journalist means paying attention to all elements of the game and trying to find ways to turn them into interesting stories..

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) The Crimson Tide made sure the Wildcats didn’t when time expired in the final quarter. Bama outscored Kentucky 34 6 en route to its fifth win of the season and second win in the Southeastern Conference.Bama outgained UK 488 161 yards and more than doubled UK’s 12 first downs with 25,Jalen Hurts put on a show at quarterback by completing 20 of 33 passes for 262 yards ande a pair of touchdowns. His scores came on completions to Calvin Ridley for gains of 10 and 19.Hurts also ran for 25 yards on nine carries.Joshua Jacobs carried the Tide’s rushing attack with 100 yards on 16 carries and a touchdown.

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