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A copy of last year’s federal and state income tax return, if they have onePhoto identification for the taxpayer and their spouseBirth dates and social security cards, or a social security letter with the full number, for the taxpayer, spouse and any children in the household born before Dec. 31, 2013Wage and earning statements such as W 2 forms from all employers,W 2G gambling income, and 1099(R) from pension, annuity, retirementor profit sharing plans, IRAs, and insurance contract distributions,interest and dividend statements from banks (form1099 INT),unemployment insurance benefit statements received any time in 2012(1099 G), and all other 1098 and 1099 formsStatements received from a mortgage company during 2013College expense information for college studentsOther relevant information about income and expenses such as totalamount paid for day care and the day care provider’s federalidentifying number, and any notices sent to the taxpayer by the IRSin 2012Workers with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINS)should bring the ITIN card sent to them by the IRSThose wanting to use direct deposit for their refund should bring acheck from the account where they want the money depositedDue to changes in the law, renters should be aware that they are no longer eligible for a Homestead Claim. The Food Sales Tax credit is also now non refundable so it does not generate a refund beyond the amount of taxes owed..

Nearly all of the Sports Center anchors are attractive, but not so overpoweringly handsome or pretty to drown out the content or become too difficult to replace. Talented but generic seems to be the rule. It reminds me of Disney World personnel. Sankey was the first running back taken in the 2014 NFL Draft (54th overall) and has a good chance to make some noise as a rookie in Tennessee. With Chris Johnson out of the picture, Sankey’s only competition for the starting job is Shonn Greene and it’s no secret that Sankey is a better option both as a runner and as a receiver. The Titans have one of the better offensive lines in the AFC and Sankey will contribute as an above average blocker as well..

”The one thing about Trent is he has all of the measureables that are necessary to play the position, so I never understood why there would be that thought that he was going to fail,” Bucs General Manager Rich McKay said. ”I think what hurt Trent was we weren’t a very good team when he was a very young player. His weaknesses stood out and were exposed when he didn’t have a chance to have other people take the load off of him..

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