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Unlike Kafka, Crown Heights doesn have a feel for the cosmic absurdity of this situation; it sticks to the level of a strong Law Order episode, its outrage contained to small bites of plot and stray detonations of utter sadness. That sort of journalistic style wears well for this material, especially given its factual basis is a calm, methodical response to a life altering corruption of justice. Crown Heights, Rated R.

A whopping 1,800 media members were in attendance. And between the Sept. 1, 2016, announcement that Philly had landed the 2017 draft and May 2017 (shortly after it wrapped up), the convention and visitors bureau tracked 2,352 print, digital and broadcast stories that contained a “destination mention” of the city.

But the Eagles have talked about fixing most of that for years and it hasn’t really taken. Safety now in his fifth year in the league, still takes poor pursuit angles more often than not and won’t be compared to Brian Dawkins, or maybe even Darryl Dawkins, as a tackler. 2010 first round pick still isn’t the dominant pass rusher the Eagles thought he would be.

A star mostly with Miami, Taylor also spent one season with the Redskins and one with the Jets. In his 15 NFL seasons, the versatile end was a three time All Pro and the 2006 Defensive Player of the Year. He had 13 1/2 sacks, two interceptions returned for touchdowns, 11 passes defensed, 10 forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries and 62 tackles that season..

For four seasons, Rob Schneider delighted audiences with the characters he created for Saturday Night Live. After several forays into movie making, he has returned to his stand up comic roots, honing his chops with new material that builds on the success of his recent Sauce and the Holocaust tour. May 2 at Tropicana Casino Resort.

Pressure outside of high school sports has had a negative effect on current high school sports programs. A discussion with a former student and player, who is now a very successful high school coach, focused on how things have changed just since his days in high school. His feeling is that the influence of AAU coaches and other outside competitive team coaches has made high school athletics nothing more than an afterthought for most of the athletes..

“Oftentimes there is a scare or there is something that might take place and it can change a little bit of your perspective,” said Payton, who’ll turn 50 next month. “I don’t know specifically with regards to me in the last year and half, coming back and just trying to look at things a little differently in trying to stay active, trying to eat less or eat right. Those are challenges anytime you are traveling or working late hours..

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