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Philadelphia Eagles (10 2) at LA Rams (9 3) The Eagles are on the road after a tough loss in Seattle last week. The Rams have a top young QB in Jared Goff and a great run game with depth especially Todd Gurley. The Eagles have a top QB too in Carson Wentz, but they on the road and have just one win against a .500 club this season.

“I’m not going to say it was settled. I’m going to say it was a good start,” said Rayfield Wright, the Hall of Fame offensive lineman with the Dallas Cowboys. “It’s not the end of it because there are a lot of other players that will come up with the same situations, so I think the league has to find some kind of way to address the issue because it’s going to happen.

Resulting National Firearms Act passed five years after the infamous St. Valentine Day Massacre in Chicago taxed, rather than banned, machine guns. But it was a pivotal moment in America history, marking the first comprehensive federal gun control law..

“Well it just makes you sick, you get a sick feeling and your heart breaks for her and that little baby and that family. Thats just a tragedy and everybody around here feels the same way. We all stopped what we were doing that day when we got the news and we were all just heartbroken about it”..

Now that the long anticipated offensive to recapture Mosul has begun, the media coverage has become akin to that of hometown sports reporting. The tone is all rah rah for the allied forces and abject contempt for the Daesh evildoers. Given the allied forces overwhelming superiority in weaponry including a virtual air armada of combat aircraft and drones, plus an estimated 10 1 advantage in manpower the end result is not in dispute..

Like a linebacker smashing his way past a hapless offensive tackle en route to putting a bone rattling hit on the quarterback, the commercials in an average NFL broadcast are relentless. Pop, pop, pop: There’s Denis Leary growling about the virtues of a mud spattered truck. Bang, bang, bang: There’s the CGI lizard who sounds vaguely like Jude Law, talking up car insurance.

The answer to that question is Jameis Winston. At this point, seven games into his career, calling Winston a freshman phenom would be an insult to the 6 foot 4, 230 pound Florida State quarterback. Winston is a phenom in the same way Johnny Manziel was a phenom last season.

The following draft, they picked Anthony Hitchens (6’0″, 235) and Will Smith (6’2″, 231) and added priority free agent Keith Smith (6’0″, 232). Last year brought them Damien Wilson (6’1″, 243) and Mark Nzeocha (6’2″, 239), one of the 2015 draft’s most athletic linebackers. They also targeted Andrew Gatchkar (6’2″, 224) in free agency..

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