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You have to focus on your job and doing the things you can do, playing smart, playing tough, playing competitive and understanding the team we’re about to play, understanding the stuff we’re installing and really focus on that. Anything else is really not doing you any good. You have to move on to the next deal like you have to move on to the next play if a bad play happens.”.

Meanwhile, Griffin was headed for an MRI exam to determine the extent of the damage on his re injured right knee. He was already playing with a big black brace, having sprained the lateral collateral ligament about a month ago against the Baltimore Ravens. He hadn’t looked his usual self in the two games he had played since, and he was obviously hobbled after falling awkwardly while throwing an incomplete pass in the first quarter Sunday..

Step 4: Try to practice football drills specific to your position on a daily basis. For example, if you are a wide receiver, then work on catching the football everyday. If you are a linebacker then work on shedding blocks and tackling the ball carrier on a daily basis.

Xavier Cooper, San Francisco 49ers (Out then in) His old employers didn’t think he was worth keeping around, but Cooper found somebody else who thought he could add value to their 53 man roster. On Saturday, Cooper was released by the Cleveland Browns. On Sunday, he was snagged by the San Francisco 49ers.

Michael Sam story: NFL comes out of ‘dark ages’ on gay playersThere has never been an openly gay player in the National Football League, America’s largest professional football league. That may change this May if Michael Sam is drafted by the league, as expected.Before coming out publicly as a gay man earlier this month, Michael Sam had dinner in Los Angeles with David Kopay. The former running back came out as a gay man in 1975 three years after his last season in the league.Kopay says secretly being a gay man in the NFL was traumatic, like “living in the dark ages”.

“The biggest challenge is that your kids are getting older. You’ve made enough money. At what point do you say, ‘I want to get more quality family time.’ When I retired, I had a daughter who was going into high school. The ACLU took issue with that. “This dragnet surveillance program should never have been launched, and it should certainly be terminated now,” Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director of the ACLU, said in a statement. “Not even the government contends anymore that the program has been effective, and the Second Circuit has already concluded that the program is illegal.

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