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Wait until Donald Trump is elected president to find somewhere else to live! says the site. Now, that way, on election day, you just hop on a bus to start your new life in Cape Breton, where women can get abortions, Muslim people can roam freely, and the only are holding up the roofs of our extremely affordable houses. Site also mentions that care is free and has a handgun! Breton acknowledged the infamous cold of Canada winters.

“In the past few months, the overwhelming outpouring of support from all over the world for my journey has been incredible,” Jenner said in a statement. “However, being honored with this award, which is named after one of my heroes, is truly special. For the first time this July, I will be able to stand as my true self in front of my peers.”.

Guys that have a spirit and a personality on a day to day basis are priceless in the NBA season and he ticked all those boxes. He hasn’t disappointed at all. He’s a wonderful teammate. LAS VEGAS (FOX5) In a letter addressed to Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak, Southwest Airlines cited the possible obstructions from a stadium adjacent to the airport for its opposition. The stadium is being proposed for a patch of land located north of Tropicana Avenue close to Paradise Road.”A stadium, whether open or domed, located less than half a mile from the ends of two of McCarran’s major runways will restrict operations at McCarran International Airport, and will erode safety, security, and capacity at the airport,” the letter stated.Among its points, the airline said a flight’s safety would be in jeopardy from stadium features and draws like video boards, fireworks and drones, among others. Noise will also become a conflict, especially during concerts, Southwest wrote.The airline also pointed out the potential for traffic gridlock that might place a chokehold on motorists heading to either the stadium or the airport.At the center of it all, Southwest says, is the economic impact.

When you login, you are taken to the screen to select what franchise you wish to look up. The league overview screen that follows, will give you information like your next game, your last game, standings and league news. The cool thing about your previous game is it will pull up the stats and scoring summaries from that game..

Don get the fuss about the Oilers hiring Paul Coffey to work with young defence. He been there and done that. Early in his career I used to call him Paul Coff up. “He’s a very strong, very twitchy, explosive player that makes plays throughout the game and does a lot, whether he’s rushing the passer or he’s squeezing the run or he’s dropping into coverage,” North Carolina head coach Larry Fedora said before the Wolfpack beat his team. “You’ve always got to be aware of where he is. He’s going to make plays and you’ve got to do everything that you can in your scheme to make sure that he doesn’t single handedly beat you.”.

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