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On more than one occasion, I’ve lost a brilliantly written post because of a browser glitch. Eventually I got fed up and started writing all my long posts off line. Word sucks for blogging, so I resorted to using Typepad, which is great for text editing, but mediocre for blogging..

See above. Why bother organizing a terrific female cast, including Scarlett Johansson and Kate McKinnon, if you just going to put the actors into a retread Hangover story with oops! no laughs? This tale of a bachelorette weekend gone awry also steals from Peter Berg comedy Very Bad Things, but lacks the cojones to keep the humour pitch black. Too bad, but you knew from the trailer, which attempts to use Jillian Bell for girl laughs, that this movie was going to waste all the comic genius it assembled.

1. Well, it’s early, but never too early for a mock draft look if you’re a Dolphins fan. What, you want to talk the Patriots chances again? And we’ve got one mock consensus already: There will be impactful linebackers available where the Dolphins draft.

This AFC NFC Pro Bowl 2011 season will make Brian Waters fifth Pro Bowl invitation, whereas Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe are selected for first time. Michael Vick and Tom Brady are the stunning players in the NFL for this Season made big impression. Vick has been selected by coaches, NFL players, and fans in league wide vote..

Aycock: David McIver, Stevenson Coe Jordan, Sean Doulin, Nolan Casey, Zach Naughton. Southern Wayne: Luis Guzman, Rodoph Enescar, Daniel Ortiz. South Central: Ethan Cook, Camden Turner. L’objectif est ramener l’quipe au mme niveau de jeu qu’avant le pause. Je crois que nous faisions beaucoup de choses trs bien, a comment l’entraneur chef de Bruins vendredi, aprs l’entranement. Notre quipe est en sant pour la premire fois de l’anne.

When I realized the voice in my head was a jerk that was an epiphany moment for me. Secondly, it is okay to fail. We learn from failure so don be so hard on yourself. We agreed that multiple people would be part of the conversations with the league so it just wouldn’t be him. He didn’t stand by his word on that. At no point did we ever communicate an agreement with the NFL to end the protest.”.

NFL has done so much already to honor (Pat), Somers said. Don think he would wanted his sacrifice to be cheapened in any way just so his name could be in the Hall of Fame. It also creates a slippery slope for the merit of the Hall of Fame and for the meaning of his sacrifice..

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