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Cowboys at Bills ( 6): Two more teams playing out the string. Bills coach Rex Ryan is threatening wholesale changes in the offseason. Look for disgruntled defensive end Mario Williams to be among them. Public has not had a voice in this and the school board has not either, said Manning, in a phone interview. Not okay with that would like for us to take a step back, hold a public hearing, let the public be informed and let them have a voice. Arnold, executive director of facilities, says there no reason for parents to worry.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts has only one turnover all season, an interception he thew against Arkansas on Oct. 14.”The first thing we talk about in every game we play is [protecting] the ball,” Saban said.That’s one of the several focus points for Alabama this week in preparing for Mercer. Saban says there will be more focus on fundamentals, technique and execution at every position.”We want to use this as an opportunity for us to go out and develop confidence in our execution by the knowledge and experience we gain in this particular game,” Saban said.He said Mercer is a well coached team that knows what it wants to do and how to do it.”They do a good job of executing,” Saban said.For the Tide, Saban said they’ll do what’s necessary to put players in a position to be successful.The 5 5 Mercer Bears kept it close when they played the Auburn Tigers, Alabama’s opponent next week, but Saban isn’t letting that distract him from his own preparation for the Tide.”We need to always have respect for whatever team we’re playing,” Saban said.

Former San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman Charlie Krueger was a tough guy. But a knee injury that was treated with repeated shots of cortisone and steroids forced him to end a 15 year playing career after 1973. Krueger now can’t kneel and has problems walking on uneven surfaces.

Representatives of players and owners met on Tuesday of last week at the NFL’s offices in New York. The owners held their regularly scheduled fall meeting later that day and last Wednesday at a Manhattan hotel, and emerged without a requirement for players to stand for the national anthem before games. The NFL has been under intense pressure from the White House and some fans to require players to do so..

I realized I a historian by training, so I grabbed for books of Abraham Lincoln writings. I started at the back of his life, the end of the Civil War, and I reread backwards. With each of his letters and speeches and columns he wrote for newspapers, I kept thinking to myself, you think you have crises; Lincoln had much more to deal with, both in terms of being president and dealing with all kinds of personal losses he and his wife had suffered.

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