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King James as I like to call him to annoy my friends compelled me to at least tune into the NBA Playoffs during his tenure with the Heat. Although I still didn’t know very much about the sport, I was able to understand that James was good. Like, really good..

In the post holiday mail comes this postcard: “Come Back To Miami! (We weren’t shooting at you.)” . Bumper sticker spotted in Baltimore: “Practice Random, Senseless Acts.” . Five things my pal, Big Little Joey Peske, says we could do with all those portraits of William Donald Schaefer hanging in state office buildings: “1. Just the thing to spruce up light rail stations. 2.

Post graduation plans: I plan on attending college and major in criminal justice. I also plan on doing ROTC. Ever since I was a little kid, joining the Army is something I’ve wanted to do. Among them: the elderly Northerner who left a collection of plastic bottle art hanging from the rafters and the Sioux Eskimo gentleman who gave the proprietor a spirit arrow that hangs on the wall. After lunch head a quarter mile west and check out the pride of Ochopee: a tiny post office. Then it will be time to head back toward the Magic City.

Bonus pick: Miamin minus 13.5 over Toledo. Sorry, there are simply too many games we like this week. This screams boatrace, old school, Miami livin large, beatdown. I’ve done this before. I’ve been in this league as a player, been here as a coach. I’ve gone through this change.

His staff doesn have as much influence over recruting as the head coach does. Unfortunately, defense has been an afterthought at U M in the Rich Rodriguez era and now we are reaping the harvest from that neglect. Although RR didn inherit a stellar defense, it become even weaker under his watch and that the responsibility of the head coach, period.

Carlin joins WFAN with nearly 20 years of experience in radio and television, currently as the co host of “Carlin Reese” alongside Ike Reese on CBS Radio’s Sportsradio 94WIP in Philadelphia. He first broke into the business at WFAN, where he became the producer of the legendary “Mike the Mad Dog” program, a role he held for seven years while gaining experience as an on air host. At the FAN before joining “Imus in the Morning” as the show’s sportscaster in 2005.

Kress Store in Wailuku, a spot longtime Maui residents will remember. And don pass up trying the dessert style S made with milk chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker ingredients, which is even good in milk. Kress Store, Elias said. We lived overseas. Our only contact to US culture was Army TV and radio because there are a bajillion US servicemen in Korea. A result, me and all my friends were obsessed with Jeopardy, he said.

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